Analysis of the parable of the ten virgins

By Joachim Jeremias:

The ten virgins of the Bible

HENCE the references to the Parousia do not belong to the original form of the parable . This makes it doubt ful Whether Matt. 25.1-12 was originally an allegory, for the allegorical representation of the Messiah as a bridegroom is completely foreign to the whole of the Old Testament and to the literature of late Judaism, and first makes its appearance in the Pauline writings (II Cor. 11.2 ). Jesus’ audience Could hardly have applied the figure of the bridegroom in Matt. 25.1 ff. to the Messiah. Since the allegory Also in question is not found in the rest of the preaching of Jesus, we must Conclude That Matt. 25:1-13 is not an allegory of Christ the heavenly bridegroom, but That Jesus was telling a story acerca an actual wedding, or rather what time immediately Preceded the beginning of an actual wedding feast. At The most the parable conceals a Messianic utterance of Jesus Which Could only understand his disciples.

Jeremias, Joachim. Translated by S. H. Hooke from the German. The parables of Jesus. New York: SCM Press, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1963. P. 52-53.

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Analysis of the parable of the ten virgins
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June 19, 2013

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