Apple Card is already available in the united States

Apple Card is the new credit card from Apple, which has been launched in the united States along with Goldman Sachs. After a trial period for a few clients, is now available to all who request it in the united States.

potential customers of the card may be use using the application Wallet, and after you have been approved, they can begin to use the digital version purchases immediately.

Apple will also send a credit card titanium users to be able to use it on any type of purchase. Card titanium is engraved with the name of the client but does not have the card number, expiration date or CVV, to safeguard the privacy of the customers. This information can only be accessed using the application Wallet.

an Apple Card can be used for purchases standard purchases and Apple Pay, on both systems, Apple will offer prizes, a 3% back on purchases made at the Apple Store, 2% on purchases Apple Pay and 1% on any other purchases.

Apple Card has full integration with the application Wallet, which provides a record of expenses and tools to organize personal finances. Includes categories with colors so that users can see at a glance how much they spend on food, activities, shopping, entertainment, etc.

Apple will send you notifications each time a purchase is made, so that users can control fraudulent activities. Apple uses machine learning and Apple Maps for each purchase is clearly identified.

With the application Wallet can also manage payments, and provide multiple payment options and ways to minimize the interest to a minimum.

By now Apple Card is offered only in the united States, but is expected to expand to other countries in the future, Apple is already in negotiations with regulators in Europe and already has registered Apple Card in Europe, Hong Kong and Canada.

Apple Card is a credit card with no costs, no annual costs, international costs, costs for late payments or costs in excess of the credit limit.


Apple Card is already available in the united States
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August 28, 2019

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