Are Detachable Laptops Worth It?

Are Detachable Laptops Worth It?

Designs of laptops have no doubt changed with time. Beginning from big and heavy laptops to light and notebook typed laptops, the change has been quite visible. And now for making lives more comfortable and mobile, another new type of laptop has been introduced: Detachable Laptops. 

But then what are detachable laptops? These devices are a mix of tablet and a laptop that is when needed; the LCD may be detached from the keyboard and be used separately. But then there is much confusion about its longevity and price worth, here the pros and cons will be listed, and thus an answer to the question will be deducted.

The advantages of 2 in 1 laptop are as follows:

Light and Strong:

2 in 1 commonly known as detachable laptops are very light weighted but at the same time are sturdy and strong. Also, they’re very flexible since they have a 360-degree hinge and hence you can easily fold it in a manner you can. Both as a tablet and as a laptop, they’re reliable.

Variety of functions:

Laptops like this come with the advantages of both tablet and laptop-like, for instance, with traditional laptops you don’t get the choice of receiving calls. 2 in 1 laptops are best for taking notes, editing documents, watching movies, taking on office work, for other casual jobs like easy gaming, random browsing, etc.

Extra features found:

Many features that might not be available in traditional laptops or traditional tablets are amply present in 2 in 1 laptop like for instance Fingerprint scanner. In this case, once you detach the LCD and transform it into a tab, you get access to calls. 

At the same time, you get the luxury of using both the touch screen and those who aren’t comfortable with touch screens for them.

Cut down costs:

Apart from just avoiding a tablet and laptop purchase separately at times, you might also choose not to carry a cell phone with you since 2 in 1 laptop provides you with the function of three. Thus you have less chance to repair electronic gadgets singly which lowers your cost as well.

Better mobility:

The most important thing of all is its feature to be easily carried away. 2 in 1 laptops are much thinner as well as offer a better grip, which is why you can travel with it from one place to another without any worry. 

Also, the supporting gadgets like chargers and others are very easy to handle too.

Easier to fit in:

Normally laptops have laptop bags, or backpacks are normally provided with laptop partitions. But for these types of laptops, you do not need such stuff. 

Since they’re so slim and designed beautifully, they can be adjusted into any type of sections and bags. This makes you less baggage to worry about.


The only greatest disadvantage is they cannot be used for heavy applications like high graded photo or video editing or maybe high graphics games. Also for those writing in various apps like word documents and all a traditional laptop have been seen to be a more comfortable option. 

Besides this 2 in 1 laptop needs to be handled with much care and can’t be used as roughly as traditional laptops or tablets since the device can be unhinged. Apart from this, you can always opt to make this as an option during your next purchase.

Conclusion: Hence we can come to this conclusion that 2 in 1 laptop, balancing out the two sides of it can be considered a potential choice of laptop for all except for those aiming to use it for more hi-fi tasks.

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