Are you able to find a C3PO Oscar meantime?


  • The image has been created by artist Michael Rogalski.
  • Follow the example of a viral image that had to find a panda hidden bear between snowmen.

 Where is the Oscar?

Last Christmas , a picture went viral. The reason was the challenge involved finding hidden among numerous snowmen, a panda . Now there is a new example on the occasion of the delivery of the Oscars.

The author is the artist Michael Rogalski. It has drawn hundreds of C3PO, the robot popular series of films The War Galaxies . It has done so in the version of the seventh href=”” delivery arm red left. But among them there or na statuette of the Oscar awards.

Published in the website mental_floss , illustration is being viral.

the search takes a while. Hint: Oscar is facing



Are you able to find a C3PO Oscar meantime?
Source: english  
February 27, 2016

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