Atlàntida Film Fest 2019: ‘Cronofobia’, a compelling thriller brain about lives miserable

Atlàntida Film Fest 2019: 'Cronofobia', a compelling thriller brain about lives miserable

Within the excessive proposal of the Atlantis Film Fest 2019, attention is called the first film of the Italian Francesco Rizzi, ‘Cronofobia’, an elegant and sophisticated exercise of suspense around two characters much more lost than your miserable day-to-day are given to understand.

The lives of others

The complex history of ‘Cronofobia’ is born of the personal experience of its director, when in his student days of cinema in Cinecittà, was a “mystery shopper” for a communication agency. And that is exactly the work that plays the enigmatic and chameleon-like protagonist male of the story.

Michael is a lonely man in constant motion, in a constant flight of your true self. During the day, roams the roads of Switzerland, creating new identities and evaluating the quality of customer service in shops and hotel rooms, while at night, it is dedicated to observe in secret the life of another lonely person and the second character is the protagonist of the function.


Anna is a woman rebel who fight with the pain as best you can. At the time that both might unite their roads a dark secret begins to flourish, and its ramifications reach further than both could have imagined.

Tic tac

The cronofobia is the fear of the passage of time, to see how the events of our lives are flying by and we can not squeezing them to the max. It is a feeling of restlessness and impotence that affects those who face long periods of immobility, or in confined spaces: a long period of convalescence after an accident, or, more specifically, to the prisoners.


‘Cronofobia’ is precisely the same reason, the history of two prisoners of their past do not support to see how the clock continues to add hours to his misery. During recent times we have witnessed many film proposals that delves into the profound dehumanization of the era we live in, where the large spaces díafanos more neat contrast with the tightness inside of those who fill those spaces. The vision of Rizzi and his co-screenwriter, Daniela Gambaro, is not much more optimistic.

The result is a kind of thriller falsely optimistic and doubly cruel for that same reason. Your characters only looking to close a wound, although the solution is to use a suture as fake as the fake mustaches of a spy low hours. A proposed hypnotic, elegant and awe-inspiring moments, where the contribution photo of Simon Guy Fässler and music by Zeno Gabaglio amplify its spectrum.

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Atlàntida Film Fest 2019: ‘Cronofobia’, a compelling thriller brain about lives miserable
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