Best Android IFTTT Recipes. An essential and winning combination

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One of the news of the day was the IFTTT arrival of Android . This service revolutionized the when it was introduced back in 2011 had already been available for iOS a few months and the long wait is ended a few hours ago since the company announced IFTTT landing in Google Play as you have had.

The IFTTT will know that you knew how powerful can reach to be , allowing you to connect virtually any internet service, creating the famous recipes that automatically perform actions when an event occurs. That is the meaning of IFTTT: If This Then Than , “if this happens, then do this other”


As an example that everything is better understood: with IFTTT can do that when you tag someone in a photo on Facebook, the image upload to Dropbox. Simple, is not it? Now imagine all that can be obtained with 60 canale s (services) that support IFTTT.

Well, if the chances were few, now have to add 6 new channels to be added to IFTTT on his arrival in Android, summarized are:

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So, through these channels IFTTT is able to do different actions involving phone state , as if you change the wallpaper a photo on Instagram, or put the phone on silent when you get to work. The possibilities are endless and the only limit is the user. In this post we will go collecting many of these recipes , but you can also leave us yours in the comments.

IFTTT Recipes Android Device with channel

 android ifttt channel

Recipes to change wallpaper automatically.

  • Set as Wallpaper uploaded your last photo to Instagram: recipe .
  • Same as above but choosing only photos as background for a specific user

  • . In this case the profile of National Geographic, but you can edit it: recipe
  • automatically varies the wallpaper of your Android with the images selected by the Editors at 500px. recipe
  • as wallpaper Select the top post of the subreddit r / wallpapers. recipe .

  • Put your phone on silent when you get to work (just edit the location): recipe .
  • Put the

  • Normal sound mode your phone when you get home (just to edit the location): recipe .
  • variant , put normal when connecting to home WiFi network so: recipe .
  • Put your smartphone on vibrate every night from 9pm: recipe
  • IFTTT combines with Calendar and ensures that the phone is automatically muted when you’re in a meeting. recipe .

IFTTT Recipes with Channel Android Location

ifttt channel localized

This channel focuses on harnessing the possibility granted IFTTT unite with geolocation phone thanks to the integrated GPS, here are some recipes:

  • For those who want to have everything in order: Calendar Add in the time you spend in places: recipe
  • Send an SMS to your boyfriend or girlfriend / spouse when you leave work (just edit the area and the target phone): recipe .
  • If you Hue Philips bulbs, light them when you’re coming home with this recipe

  • Creates a record in a spreadsheet when you enter or leave an area for your work hours: recipe

IFTTT Recipes with Channel Android Notifications

 notis ifttt channel

  • Will it rain tomorrow? Your Android will alert you with a notification by the recipe.
  • If you are indoors and do not know if it’s raining, learn before going out with this other recipe

    If you like to know the time, whatever, you can receive the forecast every day at 7.30am on your Android. recipe .

  • Get notified when disconnecting from home WiFi for not spending data by accident: recipe .
  • Have something specific to do every day? Get notified when you want with this recipe .
  • If you suspect someone touches your phone or tablet and secretly takes pictures cats, can receive a notification every time someone uses the camera: recipe .

  • Get notified with every new article from The Free Android this recipe : D
  • Notify me when one of your friends do checkin on Foursquare near you: recipe .
  • Discover a new

  • recommended IFTTT recipe every day with this one recipe .
  • If you connect to a network WiFi determined to be advised: recipe , and a warning if you disconnect from a specific WiFi: recipe .

IFTTT Recipes channel with Android Phone Call

ifttt channel calls

As the name implies, this network involves telephone function smartphone, here are some recipes:

IFTTT Recipes with Channel Android Photos

 Photos ifttt channel

This channel allows use the camera and gallery on prescriptions, for example:

  • Upload all your screenshots to Dropbox: recipe
  • Upload photos to Google Drive: recipe
  • Upload the photo automatically made a Box: recipe .
  • Send the photos that you do on your Android to your other iOS device: recipe
  • update your wallpaper with every new picture you make. . recipe
  • Post photos you do in a particular place in a group of Facebook: recipe .

IFTTT Recipes with Android SMS channel

sms channel ifttt

Finally we have the channel that accesses IFTTT SMS messages Traditional, you can create as many recipes as you like that involve sending these messages (care, your carrier may charge you if you do not have them included in the fare), for example:

  • Send your tweets to a friend via SMS without Twitter: recipe .
  • copy all SMS to a worksheet in Drive to save power long search including: recipe
  • The same as before. sent an SMS to your boyfriend or girlfriend / spouse when you leave work (just edit the area and the target phone ): recipe

  • Send automatic SMS” I’ll call you later “with every missed call: recipe
  • Keep your SMS’s synchronized between devices with automatic forwarding. recipe .

IFTTT Android

As you can see, the possibilities are enormous , these are just a few examples of what IFTTT is capable of, but now that it has come to Android and considering the freedom that exists in this system, no doubt that in future updates will be even better.

No forget the rest IFTTT recipe that allows longer trigger , using Dropbox, GMail, time, Reddit, feeds, Instagram, Pocket, SoundCloud, social networks, feedly and many more channels available. Nor should we ignore the performance you can get combined with Pushbullet as recipes of which I spoke a few weeks ago.

And you, you know IFTTT? What do you think? Feel free to leave us comments your favorite recipes , they sure are useful for other user. A great tool has come to Android.

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Best Android IFTTT Recipes. An essential and winning combination
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April 25, 2014

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