Best Deals Amazon Cyber ​​Monday in Mexico

The VISA howls

One 500 GB Xbox + Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Microsoft’s console a download code of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which includes four titles in 1080 at 60 frames per second, and headphone-microphone headset. From 8.499 to 5.999 weights .

Philips Hue

The intelligent system Philips bulbs, controllable from the smartphone and programmable services like Steam’s summer. Includes bridge , its three main foci and two additional pockets. 3,999 to 3.199 weights .

Canon EOS Rebel T5i

The equivalent of the Canon 700D model. 18 megapixels, folding screen, and in this model, target of 18-55 mm. Of 14,999 pesos to 10.040 weights

Harry Potter. Hogwarts Collection

The “eight” Potter films (the last one, in two parts), high definition, in original version with subtitles. Almost twenty hours in total, since Harry discovers what really is eleven years until he finished his studies at Hogwarts, and the last chapter of JK Rowling ( non-spoilers , just in case). 2,666 to 1.034 weights .

Lenovo IdeaCentre C50

all-in-one 23 inch, 8 GB of RAM, 2TB hard drive, and Windows 8.1 i5 processor series. Three USB 2.0 ports and one 3.0. Of 15,499 to 14.190 weights .

TV LG 49 “Full HD

LG 49-inch TV with Full HD resolution, dual HDMI, Virtual Surround Sound and metal frame. From 12,999 to 7.999 weights .

Article in development . We will update it throughout the day as they appear new relevant offers.


Best Deals Amazon Cyber ​​Monday in Mexico
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