Bill Gates, on phone: “In place of Android, you would use Windows Mobile had it not been for the case of antitrust”

The world of telephony and the mobile software would be very different if Microsoft had not had to deal with the case competition opened by the u.s. Justice against the multinational. At least, this is what you think Bill Gates considered that Windows Mobile would have had a implementation majority had it not been for this process.”There is No doubt that the anti-trust lawsuit was bad for Microsoft and that we would have focused much more on creating the operating system for mobile devices. instead of using Android, you would be using Windows Mobile if it had not been for the ‘case trust’,” said the co-founder of Microsoft, this Wednesday, the british newspaper The New York Times. The magnate will not blame the application or the evolution of technology nor the devices of the failure of Microsoft in the world of telephony, but the american Justice and the distractions that caused them. Gates points out that they invested many efforts in addressing the legal actions and that it impacted on their performance. “we Were very close”, lamented Gates, who said that his “distractions” with the case anti-trust were responsible for that Microsoft is left behind in the race to control the software of the mobile phone. He admitted that the company came three months late to the launch of a Motorola that would have taken to his system.”Now no one has heard of Windows Mobile. But, well, they are a few hundred billions here and there”, he pointed out about the cost that meant to the company, the judicial process, in which the united States accused Microsoft of abusing its monopoly power on personal computers with core Intel regarding the management of the sales of the operating system and web browser.The billionaire had already made similar comments on other occasions, that their biggest mistake was to “do not convert to to Microsoft what Android is today.”In the interview, the employer and it also was recognized that would not have retired so soon had it not been for the legal action undertaken by the u.s. Government against his company, although have not regretted it. Considers that the decision was positive, because it has allowed him to spend more time with his wife and to devote more attention to the non-profit foundation Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.
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Bill Gates, on phone: “In place of Android, you would use Windows Mobile had it not been for the case of antitrust”
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November 8, 2019

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