Buenafuente returns to the show with classic late ‘Late Motiv’


On Monday, at 23, Andreu Buenafuente returns to the genre that became known as Late Show with ‘Late Motiv ‘program for the new channel # 0 + Movistar, however, will begin airing before that channel began to walk. This will be February 1, so ‘Late Motiv’ will look at the hitherto still Canal +. For the first program, however, it has not been reserved nothing; The first guest will be Pedro Almodovar and as musical guests, will be Carlos Tarque, Fito Cabrales and Leiva.

Buenafuente said at the presentation to the press of space, “we could make the program do we dream “reason” I am very happy and I am very happy. ” He also explained that ‘Late Motiv’ “is a beats pure state”, adding that will “possible orthodox format, with a set that transmits show with band Live and skyline background “, which initially will be to Benidorm. In fact, the dish resembles that of ‘The Tonight Show‘ with Jimmy Fallon.

Buenafuente and colleagues


The Buenafuente himself has acknowledged that his program will be” an adaptation of the American format, but with collaborators, “which is what has been doing basically since it began in TV3. Among these partners there are old acquaintances of the shows late the presenter, such as Berto Romero and Silvia Abril, and new additions David Suarez David Broncano and Javier Coronas.

Each will have its own section; Berto will have an office, April, a space which Buenafuente not know almost nothing Broncano be devoted to the less treated by the news media and Suarez, according to him, will try to bring together groups that may be refractory to entertainment. They will bring content to a program that will last 50 minutes and that will be Monday through Thursday.

In the presentation, Buenafuente said also that the transfer to Madrid from Barcelona put him in a new stage “I’m in a very good moment in my career.” So it is told, ‘Late Motiv’ will not innovate in this type of space, but it is also true that, in recent years, they are not lavish on Spanish television. In the words of Berto Romero, “the beats should be respected and should be done as is”.

Tele Go! | # 0 will be the flagship Movistar +

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