Building denies to have bought the data from 16 million customers of Orange

The Ministry of Development he has advocated this Saturday, I bought not data of mobile telephony, 16 million users, but a job made with data mobility across provincial borders from technology big data.Thus responds the Promotion in a statement to the publication in The Country of a information in which it is stated that the Ministry bought data 16 millions users to Orange.In addition, the Promotion has indicated that this work, commissioned by the previous administration, but received in December 2018 (six months after the change of Government), gives anonymous information about the movements interprovincial of the Spanish which is very useful for boosting the Mobility Strategy secure, sustainable and connected that is being developed by the Ministry.In this regard, he indicated that the data objetivizados, anonymised and aggregated were collected by the phone company Orange and performed by the consultant Kineo, which were the companies that formed the joint venture awarded the contract.In April of last year, Orange announced in a press release published in your web page for this contract, made for an amount of 158.848 euros.In line with this, Promotion has reiterated that the department did not receive data from users, but the interpretation of those data in the key of the behavior of the mobility interprovincial in Spain.In addition, the Ministry has explained that it is a tool of a quantitative that lets you know the average value of the number of people who move daily between the two provinces by road, rail, media, maritime and air.To do this, they have been used as the main source for the harmonised data that generate the antennas of mobile telephony, by the use of the mobile devices, and that allow the geocoding of the terminals and the journey made by these in every time and circumstance.According to Promotion, this kind of work mobility that reflect the actual trips of people between origins and destinations, are a work necessary for the development of the policy infrastructure and transport and are made in the usual way.Finally, the Promotion has ensured that the study commissioned comply with all data protection legislation because it is harmonised data and was carried out with the maximum guarantees.This information has been known days after it was make public that the INE will track the location of mobile phones of the Spanish during eight days: from 18 to 21 November, 24 November, on the 25th of December; and two days of the summer of the next year, on the 20th of July and 15th of agosto.De this way, the INE disbursed close to half a million euros the three big operators of telephony, Movistar, Vodafone and Orange, which are those that have agreed to collaborate with the public body.
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Building denies to have bought the data from 16 million customers of Orange
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November 2, 2019

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