Chat Vodafone Smart, thorough analysis of a physical keyboard economic Android

 If you have not been looking the other way the last few months (hopefully not, because overall, there is nothing interesting to do) know that Vodafone has been slowly releasing a new range of devices known as Smart.

This range includes from phones like the Smart II of which I spoke myself some time or the Smart Tab (you can see here and here ), designed to put a smartphone in every pocket emptied without first bill (which in these times is not bad).

Well done time we speak of a new member of this family: the Vodafone Smart Chat. In fact I had a month ago and I discussed some of the most Featured , but now we have had occasion to have at hand a few days and I discussed a bit about it to see what you think.

 Features and Design

is a very important section on most phones, but in this case we will focus very little here, as I discussed many of these characteristics and were not the another Thursday …

single core processor at 800 MHz

  • TFT 2.4 “with 320 × 240 resolution.
  • physical QWERTY keyboard .
  • 110 MB internal memory (plus system).
  • MicroSD up to 32 GB.
  • 1100 mAh battery.
  • Rear Camera

  • 3 MP.
  • However its design is another matter. From the location of the four Android buttons up the outer shell, including the design of the keyboard and even control the crosshead, everything we see in this phone thunders that design is taken from the most popular models Blackberry .

    And it does not seem bad at all, really. Although personally I’ve always drawn more attention to the design of the devices have a unique character, I fully understand the strategy of many manufacturers to bring their products to other of proven success. In addition, many people are beginning to be tired of his Blackberry, not seeking a pointing device and they like that design with QWERTY keyboard with the phone vertically, so it certainly is intended for those users.

    performance, quality and battery

    One of the most pleasant surprises I’ve taken with this little has been precisely this. Do not expect anything particularly powerful, so it was hard to be a disappointment in that sense, but of course everything went better than I expected. Knowing that they have limitations, the phone is really smooth and the quality of materials (even plastic all) make the experience of controlling the phone with the crosshead and keyboard something really comfortable and natural .

    In addition, as we can not do fancy stuff, its small battery uncovered as the hero of the whole show, getting a longer than outstanding on a smartphone, although it does not approach its Canadian clones even close. Since these phones are designed for an audience that is not going to spend all day playing, and your screen is small and low resolution can be achieved without any problems all day (or half day) with moderate use and 3-4 days with a slightly lighter use. Surely if we leave it disconnected from the network eventually shoot, but then lose the main attraction of this phone precisely.


    Oh friends, if paragraph earlier it was hard to disappoint, here has been extremely easy to get, and with a vengeance! The company has made the tears spill, half sad, half of nostalgia, it still carries Android 2.3 and with no paint that will upgrade to any other version , really.

    In addition, last but not least, Vodafone has once again included a huge amount of proprietary software that many people will not use finally , so that force the user to load more than one mobile that has no excessively large space. A real shame, as users who are new to this can lead a pretty bad impression of what is Android only because of a decision I understand at the corporate level, but it would bother me quite as user.

    Conclusion and Summary

    As you see, the SmartChat (manufactured by ZTE for Vodafone) is a mobile phone of contrasts. For one design is more careful and this is demonstrated in both the good quality of materials (talk about a phone under 100 €) and the excellent battery life and good performance from your small processor. Furthermore, it appears that the operators still do not understand how to leverage the customization of Android to their advantage and continue with the older model without the possibility of embedding uninstall software and does not serve to help the user at all common.

    So you know, if you like these devices and space constraints and Vodafone tax software you are not a problem for you, the incredible value of the terminal makes it a must buy (or a good gift for Christmas).

     DSCF4247  DSCF4246  DSCF4245  DSCF4244  DSCF4241  DSCF4239  DSCF4234  SmartChat

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    Chat Vodafone Smart, thorough analysis of a physical keyboard economic Android
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    December 18, 2012

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