City Cat a runner full of memes, jokes and nods to Internet


all know Nyan Cat, the internet meme that appeared some time ago on a kitten that ran through space using rainbow powers (or at least that’s how I interpreted it). The fact is that the cat in question is already part of popular culture, so it is not surprising that the creators have influenced current when creating games for example. This is the case of City Cat that although it may seem that only takes advantage of a meme, it’s actually a good game .


This may sound simple, but are the levels with its complicated design, which added some difficulty along the way. On our trip we find from platforms that will make us jump higher, to gliders that allow us to fly for a limited time. At that time we will have to use the motion sensor our device, and move it physically to control the direction of the glider. ‘s moments like that which add some variety to the title and differentiate it from the rest of the runner.


City Cat is free, and is available in Google Play.

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City Cat a runner full of memes, jokes and nods to Internet
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July 20, 2013

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