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We go back a week later with the “Create Your Own Android” and what we will do is learn to completely change our little phone to give the best look possible. Try that each delivery is quite different from the previous style, to cover as many styles.

Holo Cards

Note : If I like it but prefer the Black version (for reasons of battery or tastes), there is no problem. The procedure is quite similar.
Holo Cards in Black .

Today we will transform our Android on a phone that exudes the essence of Holo. We are going ahead with this simple theme that impressive pace. As always, first of all we have to install all applications and move all the files to your phone.


Nova Launcher

  • Desktop VisualizeR
  • Go Minimal Apex MIUI Theme ($ 1.39)
  • Minimalistic Text
  • Power Toggles
  • Simple Text – Text Icon Creator
  • Eye in Sky Weather
  • Simple RSS Widge t
  • ES File Explorer File Manager
  • Images

  • Sources
  • Minimalistic Text Settings
  • Images (720 × 1280)
  • As in the last installment, we have a video available to guide us through the whole process, which is appreciated.


    The first thing we do is use the Launcher Nova Prime with following settings

    Desktop of size 12 × 7

  • margin width has Living in Small
  • Wallpaper Scrolling

  • must also be OFF.
  • icons Label

  • OFF
  • Widget Overlap

  • ON
  • Enable
  • Dock with 1 page, 5 icons and the average margin.
  • Dock

  • as overlay ON
  • Look and feel -> Icon theme -> Minimal MIUI Theme
  • Show
  • notification bar -> OFF
  • Wallpaper

    Method 1 (min 4:00)

    Settings -> Wallpaper -> Quickpick -> Select the last image and adjust the size of normal view. Then add a Desktop Visualizer widget 4 × 4 and change its size to full screen. Then click the image button and select the image corresponding to the number of display we are. Repeat the process for each of our screens to go changing the arrow position.

    Method 2 (min 5:52)

    Nova Settings – > Desktop -> Wallpaper Scrolling ON. Then Wallpapers -> Live Wallpaper and choose Multiple individual settings for each display. In each screen select the corresponding picture. The video looks great how.

    Dock (min 7:40)

    Settings -> Nova Settings -> Jump to page and add one for each page. Now we have to change its icon. To do this click i put up, click on the icon -> Simple Text. If we copied the photo folder directly selected photo and you’re playing.

    Clock Home (min 9:08)


    It is essential to move to SD file with presets and sources . Without recognizing the sources you’ve gone, go to Global Settings -> Fonts folder and select the font folder.

    Clock Widget: Minimalistic Text widget We added a 5 × 1 -> Restore – > HD Clock. Then go to Text Sytle -> fonts -> Thin Roboto. We change their sizes to the desired one.

  • repeat the process for all securities widgets / date / text.
  • For application icons just click on the screen and put up a seconds and select the option Apps -> Add multiple apps. Nova automatically organizes them into a square.
  • Status and Settings (11:32 min)


    to have this page so cool with our telephone information:

    First add three widgets Minimalistic Text in the same way (restoring) to create the three colored bands with information. The tricky part is to adjust its size to match well with the following widget

  • Battery : New Widget -> Circle Battery Widget and add it to the desktop. You can specify your settings as follows: Background -> circle -> full circle and white. Format -> diameter -> 65%. Text -> 25%. Colors -> Normal orange, white full circle. All these sizes and settings are customizable to individual taste.
  • Quick Settings : New widget -> Power Toggles. We removed the transparency and put a white ground.
  • create 3 rows of widgets for quick adjustments.
  • Games / Music (13:56 min)


    First add a Desktop Visualizer widget 4 × 1 changing the icon to the header image we want. Then add all the applications you want by pressing a few seconds and selecting Apps -> Add multiple apps. Thus organized in the square as shown in the photos.

    News & time (min 15:20)

    We add

    first a widget of Eye in the Sky and change the size to your liking. At the bottom add the Simple RSS Widget or Minimal RSS Widget, to our taste, always putting a transparent background.

    For the next week, another topic. Of course, you can propose topics or send me [email protected] your creations accompanied by a tutorial.

    I remember you can see all the designs we have discussed here

    The Free Android: Create propylene or Android

    More info on MyColorscreen

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