Japanese Legends of Terror

Japan is the cradle of the world’s most famous horror stories, and the clothes, the weeping and the footfall can’t even reach the ankles the spooky horror stories that are woven into the country of the rising sun, then we will know some of the most famous legends urban areas of that country.

These stories happen all over the world

HANAKO-SAN is the ghost of a school student girl who wears a red skirt, and according to the Japanese if someone enters the third bath cubicle of a Japanese school and knocks on the door 3 times, and asks Are you there, Hanako- san? They summon the girl and she appears and drowns out the unfortunate who invoked her.

The famous legend of “the woman with the rajad mouth” Kuchisake-Onna is a lady who always wears a mask on her face, and asks children who walk alone in the street if she is beautiful.

If the infant gets to answer him in a negative way, then he brutally murders him with a pair of scissors. If the answer is positive, remove the surgical mask from your face and re-question it. Everyone who tells them she’s not pretty cuts them in two parts and whoever claims she’s pretty, cracks her mouth so it looks like her.

This famous urban legend arose from parents’ concern for children who go out alone at night to walk around the city. The baths have a great prominence in terms of Japanese fantasy stories.

For example, a well-known similar urban legend is that of “red coat” (AKA MANTO) and when someone is using the toilet and perceives a mysterious and macabre voice, which questions whether they want a “blue cape or a red cape”, if they choose the red the victim will be quartered it is that the whole bath stains blood, and if the blue is chosen the victim will strangle, if a different color is chosen from the demonic spirit will take him to the world where he comes from, and if on the contrary he doesn´t choose any color , the entity will spare his life.

There is a famous Japanese poem “THE INFERON OF TOMINO”, authored by ‘Yomota Inuhiko’, written in the literary work entitled “The Heart is like a Rolling Stone”, added in the famous collection of poetic works by the renowned Saizo Yaso, in 1919.

Legend has it that anyone who reads it aloud will attract dire circumstances. The least that could happen is that a serious illness or multiple wounds are contracted to the body.

Japanese Legends of Terror
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July 31, 2019

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