Kenny, the tiger with Down syndrome

Human beings, in their eagerness to conquer nature, have made indiscriminate use of animals to obtain many benefits. Around the world, zoos generate huge amounts of money, locking up and exploiting innocent animals, which are mostly wild and exotic.

A transgenic tiger

Such is the case of Kenny, a white tiger who was born in captivity at an animal shelter site, in Eureka Springs, located in Arkansas, USA.

One of the most desirable animals by zoos, is the white tiger, but every day its population decreases, because this species has a genetic that has deteriorated over time, which is why some scientists in Arkansas, joined with the aim to obtain through genetic modification, white tigers and with blue eyes.

Kenny was born with Down syndrome and it wasn’t what was expected to be artificially fathered in a lab. In addition, he suffered too much as his dentures were defective, as well as his jaw and mental development, along with other physical damage. He died in 2008 from cancer.

A mystery

To date, no animals on earth have been found with Down syndrome in their genetic information. Obviously, as a result of Kenny being what might be called a transgenic animal, it resulted in these anomalies.

But the genetically modified tiger was only known after his death and that the trace of his body had been properly incinerated and disappeared, so no study could be conducted on that controversial experiment.

Likewise, plants and even humans, which, when genetically modified, serious anomalies appear, highlighting the violent reactions of nature.

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Kenny, the tiger with Down syndrome
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August 28, 2019

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