Natural remedies for hiccups

In the medical field, it is known as hiccups to the involuntary contraction of the abdomen, which is always accompanied by the emission of air and a particular sound, which is the most popular feature of this situation.

Causes of hiccups

While there may be a truly intense hiccup attack, both in duration and in the strength and frequency of abdominal contractions, hiccups are not actually a life-threatening condition, and usually also tends to last quite little, and disappear without leaving any consequences, beyond the comments.

However, although the common denominator knows the characteristics and manner of developing hiccups, not really everyone is aware of the causes behind a situation that is quite funny to some. In this way, among the main causes of this involuntary contraction of the diaphragm are the following:

  • Having ingested large amounts of food or liquid.
  • Consume excess alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoking is also related to the incidence of hiccups.
  • Stress.
  • Excess foods or foods are overspicy.
  • Sudden disturbance or arousal.
  • The bouts of laughter or crying.
  • In very specific cases, some types of cardiovascular accidents may be reflected in hiccups.
  • Strong changes in ambient temperature are also associated with the occurrence of hiccups.

Home remedies for hiccups

Thus, while there are several situations pointed out by Medicine as direct causes of hiccups, there is really no clear knowledge of why it happens, even if you do have peace of mind about its safety about the human being, with the exception of some isolated cases, where the hiccup attack transcends the first few minutes, to become a situation that does require a medical consultation, for the medical professional to rule out any other underlying cause.

However, beyond the fact that it is not disabling or dangerous in itself, the hiccup is still a not entirely comfortable experience, from which you want to leave as soon as possible, because it also causes some social curiosity, so throughout history each generation has to carried out its natural way of dealing with this contraction, in order to return to normal as soon as possible. Among them are the following:


Although it seemed like a baseless popular belief, in reality scaring an individual while experiencing a bout of hiccups doesn´t seem to be so out of order, since some authors point out how when the person is subjected to a situation they light up their alert ingmechanisms, and releases some substances, such as adrenaline, which is believed to have the ability to end the bout of hiccups. Others, on the other hand, think that scare causes breathing to change pace, which can have an impact on the suppression of this condition.


Other popular beliefs, meanwhile, speak of the need to drink cold, breathless water to stop hiccups, as long as it has not been caused by over-feeding or drinking. However, some sources indicate that it is not the water or the temperature of it that causes the hiccups to stop, but that when the individual takes the water without breathing manages to relax the diaphragm, as well as restart the breathing, which results in the cessation of I bouted hiccups.

Paper bag

In this sense, breathing and its rhythm may also be behind the treatment against hiccups, which suggests that whenever one of these episodes is to be ended, it is deeply breathed in a paper bag. The reasons behind the success of this method may lie in the fact that when a person breathes in this object, it calms their breathing rate, which leads to a calm ness of the diaphragm, as well it is heating the air circulating in their lungs , which can also help overcome hiccups.

False sneezing

On the other hand, some sources point out that pretending sneezing, or even coughing can help the diaphragm relax and stop shrinkage. In this way, these authors point out that at the time of a hiccup attack, a cough or sneezing of a lie is tested in order to cease the involuntary movement of the abdomen. Another method that also seems to pay off is pretending to be yawning.

Lemon shock

Finally, I enter some of the natural methods to fight hiccups is one that says that sticking a slice of lemon in your mouth can immediately end with a fit of hiccups. The scientific reason for this may fall to the fact that by placing a slice of lemon in the mouth, a series of taste buds are activated, an action that causes the body to focus on this sensation, thus relaxing the muscle that was contracting.

It is very important to know all these remedies, because at any time these may be required. If you liked this article, share it on your social networks and tell us your opinion about the subject, in the comments box.


Natural remedies for hiccups
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September 21, 2019

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