Paranormal vacations, where to go?

Whenever the holiday season approaches, we are assailed by the doubts of where to go, to spend a few days relaxing, doing something different. However, many times we discover that we are blank without knowing where to go, or having the same option as always.

However, whether you are a family, a couple or alone, there is a type of tourism, which can give you experiences that you will never forget: paranormal tourism. Yes as you hear, in the world there are several places, which have become a visitor center for thousands of tourists because of the peculiar characteristics or because things happen in them that science hasn´t been able to explain or at least completely deny.

This time we present a list of six of these destinations, in different parts of the world, that you can go to on your next vacation, to give them a different touch, filling them with mystery and an unforgettable experience. Below are six of the most mysterious places in the world to spend a few days off:

The Bermuda Triangle

Known as the Bermuda Triangle, it is a geographical area of the Atlantic Ocean, located between Miami (Florida, United States), the Bermuda Islands and Puerto Rico. It is called a triangle, because when joining with an imaginary line these points form on them an equilateral triangle. This region is known in the world of the paranormal for supposedly being a place where mysteriously disappear boats and even airplanes.

Although Science has claimed that no more ships and planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle than in other areas of the Ocean, this area was immortalized in the mid-20th century by some writers, even reaching the Cinema.

Over time, scientists were able to see – as the Spanish newspaper ABC once reviewed – that on the seabed of this area there is a great presence of volcanic activity, so that large amounts of methane gas can be found, which when climbed to the surface would change the density of the air, causing the alteration of the ship’s instruments.

Although on a daily basis there are several planes and ships that cross the Bermuda Triangle, which constitutes a frequent transit zone, as it is included in the itinerary of several routes, you can also find – especially in Bermuda – agencies offering the most daring trips to this area of the Atlantic, so that they can check in their own flesh if it is true that in the Bermuda Triangle boats disappear forever.

Loch Ness

If on the other hand you are looking for an experience that does not compromise you so extremely, but that is just as exciting or scary, you can then orient your compass towards Scotland, to visit Loch Ness. This lake formation, considered one of the most famous, is recognized worldwide for being the supposed home of a giant aquatic monster, popularly known as Nessie.

According to historians, stories about the great inhabitant of this lake date back 1,500 years, although to this day there is no more documentary evidence than an old photo, which analyzed by experts has been concluded that it does not serve as evidence, of other it is or the testimonies of those who have seen it.

Inspections have also been carried out at the bottom of the lake, without being able to find anything, although there are theories that this lake communicates underground with the sea, through a tunnel through which Nessie travels at will, so it is believed that it doesn´t necessarily pass all the time inside the lake.

In this sense, annually there are thousands of tourists who arrive on the shores of this lake, not only to appreciate the peace and beauty that this Scottish landscape can bring, but to see if they are lucky enough to be able to see with their own eyes some part of the body of this giant aloat Ico. So if you’re looking for adventure and mystery, as well as the chance to see a live monster, Loch Ness is your ideal destination.

The Nazca Lines

Across the Atlantic and south, specifically in Peru, another destination awaits you that offers you a fantastic experience: the Nazca lines. This tourist attraction (at the time of great archaeological find) consists of immense georoglyfiphics traced in the soil by unknown civilizations, dating from approximately 500 BC.

Similarly, according to the researchers, they were plotted for several generations, as the difference between some of these drawings dates back more than five hundred years.

One of the greatest rarities is that their forms (which represent animals, plants and even strange creatures) can only be appreciated from the air, so scientists really question how they were made. They are also visited by hundreds of tourists, who want to see with their own eyes these great drawings whose origin remains a mystery.

To be one of them, you only have to take a plane to Peru, and there you hire a plane flight that will take you through the air to see the Nazca Lines. For those who do not have the budget, one of the five viewpoints is offered as an option, from which you can be amazed by this feat of the human being, who continues to be shrouded in a halo of mystery.

Darvaza Well

If on the other hand you are interested in visiting a country in the Middle East, the Karakum Desert, in Turkmenistan offers you one of the most touristic attractions in the world: the Darvaza well, which is made up of a crater almost seventy meters in diameter, which burns in live fire without putting out.

Also called the Gates of Hell, for it is the image that it conveys when it is in front of it, it was the consequence of human action – it is not yet known whether conscious or not. However, in the 1970s something caused the combustion of this cave of natural gas, which has burned since then.

Every day there are dozens of tourists who come to this well to witness a truly poignant spectacle. So if you want to see something unique that you will never forget, the Gates of Hell can be a perfect choice for your next vacation.

Aokigahara Forest

Finally, if you’re looking for a truly terrifying experience, maybe your paranormal tourist destination is Aokigahara Forest in Japan. This wooded area, located in one of the foothills of Mount Fuji, is famous for being the place chosen by hundreds of suicide bombers to end their lives.

Although no scientific explanation has been found as to why this happens, Japanese mythology has always identified this site as a place full of demons and a cursed land.

As outlined in the articles concerning this forest, as you enter it, you will be able to see the road side traces of ropes, knives, pills and one that another mummified corpse.

You will also be able to see in several languages posters with messages that seek to call the person to reflection and prevent them from ending their life. So if you’re craving mystery and terror, Aokigahara can be your next destination for a paranormal vacation.

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Paranormal vacations, where to go?
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September 18, 2019

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