Polythelian, three-nipple disease

Politelia is a genetic disorder, which causes some people to be born with more than two nipples, but these “accessory nipples”, as they are also known, do not have mammary glands. They are usually found in the breast line that follows the nipples in the chest to the abdomen. If they are large, they must be removed. They are usually small and mistaken for warts or moles.

A strange pathology

As rare as it may seem, it is quite common and in most cases harmless. According to some studies, this event occurs in one in 18 male mammals and one in 50 female mammals.

It simply consists of the formation of one or more “extra” nipples near the two regular nipples. They are fairly common and have no relation to other conditions or syndromes usually present in a row below existing nipples and are often not recognized as extra nipples, because they tend to be small and not well formed.

In general they don´t pose any kind of risk or health problem for humans, but if they are very large it is advisable to remove them.

Humans have a pair of breasts with their respective nipples that are the structure through which breast milk comes out. Extra nipples do not usually have glandular tissue underneath, meaning they are only superficial. Cases where one or more extra nipples do have glandular tissue underneath are much stranger and constitute a different condition called polymastia.

Also, they have been referred to as supernumerary nipples and according to the galenos, it is not necessary to continue with a treatment, but in any case, they ensure that it is perentory to visit a specialist, as there are studies that show that there is a direct relationship of these extra nipples, with urinary tract diseases.

Polythelian, three-nipple disease
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