The girl who was raped more than 43000 times

Human perversity seems to have no limits, and when you think you’ve seen it and heard it all, something new comes up. As if it wasn’t enough with the alarming numbers of child abuse, exploitation, malnutrition and even slavery, there aren´t those left far behind for sexual abuse and sale.

The most extreme rape case

And one of the most aberrant cases was karla Jacinto, a woman born in 1992 and from Mexico who was abused 43,200 times during the age of 12 to 16. But Karla’s drama began even long before, as she manifests, at a young age as she was five years old she was already sexually abused by a relative.

Later, near the city of Tenancingo she met a man who approached her very gentlemanly, offering her a candy and telling her that he too had been abused in her childhood. Karla soon became asthek of him and thought that she would finally be a happy girl, but it was not in her plans that the man in her eyes looked like her saving angel was really a pimp, expert in human trafficking and mass prostitution.

The beginning of the tragedy

At first the man treated her very well, but in a matter of a few months everything changed and began to exploit her, while spitting at her, beating her, kicking her, fists and even burning it with the red-hot iron. It was 2004 and Karla already had to sleep with about 30 men a day. And no less was the drama of other girls and companions of tragedy, some of whom only reached the age of ten.

Later her kidnapper and pimp got her pregnant and had her son at the age of 15, but not for that reason the drama ended, but the man was now threatening to harm the baby or telling him that he would never see him again if he didn´t continue to exercise.

The rescue and the beginning of activism

Fortunately in 2008 the tragedy ended and the girl was rescued from the network of pimps in which she moved. Her case touched the entire world and came to the ears of Pope Francis who received it in july 2015 in audience and months later was heard at the United States Congress becoming one of the most notable activists in the denunciation of this type of abuse.

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The girl who was raped more than 43000 times
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September 11, 2019

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