The true Halloween story

Halloween is a world-renowned holiday and is even more celebrated than Christmas. October 31 is the date of this particular festival and is associated with witches, spells, occultism, black magic and vampires.

The famous Witch’s Day, when children ask for sweets

Originally, on this date the Celts made human and animal offerings to honor Samhaim, the god of death. The Catholic Church immediately dedicated the celebration of the day of the deceased to 1 November.

On this day, summer in Europe ended and winter was welcomed; the Celts claimed that from 31 October until 31 December, the border between the world of the living and the world of the dead was open. For this reason, on 31 December the souls of the deceased returned to the earth and to drive them away, they dressed in animal heads and skins while the priests offered the sacrifices.

The closeness of the Celtic celebrations with the Catholicons gave a particular name to these rituals, “ALL HALLOWMAS” which means: ‘the union of all saints’, to refer to the day of all the saints or the day of the deceased; and the night before, or October 31, it was known as “ALL HALLOWS EVE” which means ‘eve of all Saints’ day’ and which later led to Halloween.

The custom of using pumpkins was born in Ireland in the late 18th century; According to legend, a man named Jack who was well known in his village for being a famous drunk, one day in the middle of his drunkenness lay in the middle of the forest and appeared the devil, whom he deceived by playing a joke, with a cross he marked on a tree , to which he had climbed.

A special holiday for the devil, the sorcerers and the whole underworld

The devil, unable to come down from the tree by the cross that Jack had drawn, promised the man that if he let him down, he would not be tempted again by drinking and so he did; in addition to this request, the devil gave him a lantern with a ember placed inside a turnip, to light the way until the day of the final judgment.

The Irish used to make “Jack’s lanterns” to scare the devil away, but later when this legend crossed borders and managed to reach the United States, turnips were exchanged for pumpkins because they were more abundant.

The custom of asking for sweets was born in 1930 and was originally an offering for the souls of the deceased; In ancient times, Christian monks were begging from village to village, asking for “cakes of the deceased”, which were sweet cakes. The more cakes they gave them, the more they could pray for the souls of the dead relatives of those who donated them, and thus accelerated their entry into heaven.

On this date, practitioners of black magic know that portals are opened to the infernal worlds. That’s why they carry out all kinds of rituals, especially so-called witches.

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The true Halloween story
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July 27, 2019

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