The ugliest animals in the world

The animal kingdom many times rewards us with too beautiful animals that arouse many emotions in us, but there are also animals that at first glance are ungrateful and yet have their charm.

Spot Fish

This ranking is led by the SpotFish or Blobfish. It has unique physical features, exclusive and not pleasant to the eye. Its habitat is found in the depths of the waters of New Zealand and eastern Australia. The depth level at which he lives is a thousand meters away.

The Tarseros

These are small primates that have longer hind legs, according to their proportion, which is why they are very agile and have a lot of dexterity to climb and cling to the trees. Its most representative trait is its large eyes, which are the same size of his brain. It is found in the archipelago of Southeast Asia.

The Witchfish

The seas have been living for more than 300 million years. Instead of the jaw, they have four lines of teeth that serve them to chew the food. When attacked by other fish, they secrete a thick slime that invades the gills of their predators, which can lead to death.

The aye-aye

It is a primate that only exists in Madagascar, a place where it is considered a sign of bad omen among the inhabitants, which is why they are killed indiscriminately, but this animal poses no danger to humans, since their diet is based on insects and fruits.

The Monkey Nose

Originally from the island of Borneo, in Asia, it has a huge nose that hangs from the snout, the main function of this organ is to emit sounds to attract females and intimidate other males. They live in the treetops and are excellent swimmers.

The yeti crab

It lives at the bottom of the sea and its tongs are covered by a thick fur, which reaches up to 15 centimeters in length. According to some studies, it has been observed that in these hairs, they inhabit bacteria that serve as nutrients and filters to prevent poisoning by minerals that arise from hydrothermal vents, near which they are used to live.

The naked mole

It comes from Somalia, where it is considered a kind of pest that ends planting, as tubers are its main and favorite food. They have very small eyes and live in colonies led by a queen, the same one who is responsible for continuing the species.

The Dugong

It is a manatee found from East Africa to Australia. Its diet is based on underwater herbs. Despite spending a lot of time in the water, they can only be submerged for six-minute periods.

The palouze worm

It reaches up to 30 centimeters long and its body is translucent; its most particular trait is its spectacular transparent body, which allows to see all the internal organs and their food digesting themselves.

The starnode mole

It has 22 tentacles on its snout. They are tiny filaments, with thousands of nerves, whose function is to detect the electrical impulses of the animals from which it feeds.

Matamata Turtle (Chelus fimbriatus)

An animal from South America, found mainly in the Amazon basin, which encompasses countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia.

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The ugliest animals in the world
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August 31, 2019

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