The world’s first head transplant

After being publicly announced that the first head transplant would soon be performed, various disputes have been presented, in various beliefs and social groups.

Someone needs to donate the whole body

According to a prestigious doctor from Turin, Italy, through a donation of the human body, many people will be able to heal from different kinds of cancer and other painful and terminal pathologies. According to Europe’s most advanced neurologists, it will now be just a matter of changing bodies.

But the head does not move on its own, but is transplanted with everything and spinal cord through a special chemical. Following that first and most important phase of the operation, they proceed to saturate and bind all the muscles, along with all the elements of blood circulation.

Deep coma induction

But to succeed in such a tremendous feat, the patient must be induced into a state of deep coma, in which he must remain for a whole month, so as not to produce a minimum movement. A system of electrodes, strategically located at certain points in the spine, complements the surgery. Generally, those who have left the induced coma or naturally must wait at least a year to walk again.

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The world’s first head transplant
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