What kind of swimsuit to wear

In this article we will see what type of swimsuit to wear according to your figure, and for all body types whether you have a large or short tail, bust or hip, whether you are a chubby or thin woman, tall or short.

¿Qué tipo de vestido de baño usar? Poca o mucha cola o cadera

What kind of swimdress to wear? Little or too much tail or hip

Apparently having a lot of tail would have no problem when wearing a swimsuit, however, if you do not make the right choice the body might look a little disproportionate. There will also be those who will not want to see a tail so pronounced, so prominent.

Lots of tail

For women who have a lot of tails, they want to opt for culottes, especially if the derriel is firm and standing. Likewise, you like vedetina bikinis, which cover the tail quite a lot; although there will be women who prefer to show it more.

Little tail

For women who have sparse tails, which are rather flat, they can opt for vedetina bikinis at the hip, with colorful prints to provide a little volume. In any case, culottes should be avoided.

Little or a lot of hip

Whether it’s caderona, hip wide, or little, sometimes you may have some other doubts regarding the type of swimwear that you want to wear, but there is no fuss, these guidelines can guide you a little.

Big hips

The ideal for your body is that you highlight the top, with an eye-catching bodice, to attract attention there.

Now, at the bottom, you can opt for culotte bikinis to make your hips look narrower; and always be of plain colors like black, and very discreet prints.

A model that would come in great, it’s the bikinis that have a kind of sash, and the ones with a thick bow. Preferably you should avoid bikinis with finite strips, because they will give the appearance of more pronounced hips.

Low hip

You may want to wear bikinis with fine bows to the sides, or one that has flown to give volume to that area. In addition, it is better to choose them with striking prints, and in strong colors.

Little or a lot of bust

Regardless of the type of body you have, and whether you’re tall or low, thick or thin, there are some additional tips that can help you make the right choice to choose the swimsuit that suits you best and that will make you look better.

Whether you have enough or little bust, you suffer when you dress because we wonder about what is right for us and how to achieve better.

A lot of bust

When you have a lot of bust the best and what is best to use are semi-snug dresses in V neckline or round, better if they are adjusted to the waist (if possible). It is also best that the neckline area boasts a simple design, not extravagant or that it overdraws.

You can wear a full, plain swimsuit, or with a not very striking print, that has a good fit in that area.

If you want to use two pieces, have the top tied to the neck (thick strips) or strapless, but seeing that it holds the area well, if not.

Always in black and discreet print; and please avoid those that are triangle type.

Little bust

If you have little chest, have the top tied to the neck or heart-like neckline, and as much as possible with pads, to give the feeling of having more bust.

I chose the always colorful and patterned copriño, never black; and if you buy it with padding, it’s not much either.

Now let’s move to the other end. The solution is simple, when you have little bust, what is most convenient is to use strapless dresses with heart-shaped neckline, straight and in line A. They can also help a lot and favor those who are tied around the neck.

What kind of swimdress to wear? Chubby woman

Many times fatness puts us in the dilemma of whether or not to enjoy a holiday, the beach, a swimming pool, a river bath, etc. Well there is no reason to doubt it, of course you can enjoy making a good choice of swimsuit.

For the woman who has been a little stuffed, fat, who has gained a few kilos of weight, regardless of her height, the best option is to wear a whole swimsuit. No matter the color, it can be black or a color perhaps earth, not very bizarre or striking, perhaps with a print in the area of the neckline.

Likewise, the tankini also comes well, which can be carried as it is. However, if you do not want to show the tail, you can add a pair of jeans, or fabric according to the swimsuit (if you are of good height).

What type of swimsuit to wear? Thin woman

When choosing the best option in a bathing suit to go to the beach, for a vacation, you will have no major inconvenience.

Slim woman tall stature

You can see yourself very favored with trikinis, and two-piece tights with colorful designs, and bikini tied on the sides; but be careful, do not wear very small bikinis, because you will look taller and thinner.

The entire mesh also favors you, but in strong tones, or prints, never in black, so as not to lengthen the figure, and look thinner.

Slim woman normal height – low

For the thin woman, with a normal height or perhaps slightly low, what is more favorable are clearly the swimsuits of two pieces. I chose a bikini type colaless or vedetina, low shot, never high because it shortens the figure. And that the upper part, as much as possible tied to the neck, so you lengthen the torso more. A trikini can also go well, as long as it’s black, so you stylize the figure.

What kind of dress to wear? Short woman

When a woman is short, she usually has problems thinking about what type of dress will suit her most, so that her stature and the appearance of a tall, slender woman are somewhat disguised. And there are always good helps that will make you look better, knowing how to take advantage of the benefits of a dress suitable for you.

For a woman of short stature they are generally suited to monochromatic dresses, dressed in a single color. These should be short, and not long, at height or even above the knees (this will create the appearance of long legs).

Likewise, they favor straight dresses, and with vertical lines to optically lengthen the figure.

What kind of dress to wear? Tall woman

For a tall woman there really is not much inconvenience at the time of dressing, nor will she have to torment herself a lot thinking about what kind or type of dress is the most convenient in a certain situation.

For a tall woman really almost any type of dress is good, the most important thing is to take advantage of the benefits of the dress looking that startles your figure (it could be that the dress was bad enough to make you look without shape or silhouette).

For a tall woman, although plump, plump, the most convenient is to use simple dresses and without much stamping, preferably at the height of the knees and neither too tight nor too loose, average.

What kind of dress to wear? Fat woman

When one is thick of waist, chubby or what others call wide of hips, usually conflicts are had at the time of dressing, especially if we do not know what type of dress is the one that suits us to use. However, do not despair, there are several solutions.

What kind of dress to wear? Chubby woman

In this case you can use line style dresses. This type of dresses has the kindness that adds long to the body and, in addition, reduces the width, so the body shape will look more stylized.

If the dress incorporates V-neck or round neckline, this will favor even more. The ideal length in this case is at the height of the knee or long if you are tall. Likewise, dresses with vertical lines can be used.

What kind of dress to wear? Thin woman

When a woman is thin has a wide range of possibilities for her trousseau, for her dresses, both casual and gala, however, do not hurt some additional tips on what kind of dresses would suit her, making her look more slender.

For a thin woman the best thing is tight dresses to the body (paradoxically it is just what does not suit a chubby woman). It is ideal a tight-fitting tube dress or a blouse style.

However, if you are a little thinner, rather thin, you should try clothes and dresses with ruffles at the bottom to add more volume and make you look a little more slender.

What kind of swimsuit to wear
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June 30, 2019

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