Witches do exist, real case

Since ancient times, people have wondered if witches really exist. Witches have usually been depicted in films and especially in cartoons. But everything seems to indicate that they’ve always been with us and we’ll see why.

You don’t have to believe in them, but there are those

The collective image we have of witches does not correspond to reality. People who describe theself as witches are those who work with spells and all kinds of black magic, but who in everyday life, look like any other woman or old woman. Although there are also warlocks, which obviously would be in the male case.

One of the biggest lies historically believed is that a witch can be recognized for her hideous, big nose, as well as having green skin full of warts. However, although there are not-so-grateful women who practice these dark arts of witchcraft, there are also very beautiful and famous women that no one would suspect.

This is the case of Stacey DeMarco, the author of the book “There’s a Witch in the Bathroom.” She, who practices it, says that being a witch does not demarcate her wardrobe or physical appearance, but the way of life she leads and the magic knowledge properly applied. Also make sure that anyone could be without you noticing, like your neighbor, a cop, a lawyer, a doctor, etc.

They say there are good and bad ones, or we’d better say black or white. That depends on the quality of magic used and the intentions with which they are operated.

There are certain pagan schools that teach techniques to operate magic and their students call themselves witches. Indigenous communities, in various parts of America, call sormen the Shamans or Curanderos.

Witches do exist, real case
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July 27, 2019

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