CyanogenMod brain drain. Before and after CV


Many of you already know the famous blue droid you are looking to compete with Android in its grounds. We speak no less than CyanogenMod , some developers started making ROMs modified and are now undertaking, CyanogenMod Inc.

The company needs talent and getting

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After training as a company, CyanogenMod Inc is collecting good developers to proceed with their ROMs. If they are now a company of good developers need for their products, right?

Its recent agreement with the Asian Oppo is to CyanogenMod installed by default in his flagship, the Oppo N1 , it may be a big leap for the newly formed company. Will this be the first of other models also bring CM factory, will it be the launch of CyanogenMod to compete directly with Android?, We’ll talk about this later.

several developers have already fallen to CyanogenMod Charms and work for them still remain competitors in the world of custom ROMs. We talked about Roman Birg and Clark Scheff , two developers of two large modified ROMs.

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First and one of the first to join the group CyanogenMod development is Roman Birg , the founder of AOKP , famous for its logo of a pink unicorn .


This ROM has brought many features previously not contemplated to Android, such as the sidebar Ribbon and a control and WIN Total customization of the ROM . Will they own these AOKP benefits in future versions of CyanogenMod?. According to statements by Roman Birg , but now works for the newly formed company will continue to work at what time on AOKP . So while I continue developing AOKP under orders from Brig, I do not think CM gets to have those functions. For now.

Second, the recent addition to the company has been Clark Scheff , the lead developer and founder of ChameleonOS . For those who desconozcáis this ROM, it is a modified version of Android-based MIUI open source and CyanogenMod . The peculiarity of the ROMs CHAMOS , which is commonly known as, is seeking to offer the user the greatest chance Modified to be well suited to perfection Use own experience. Will this be a step forward in the extreme personalization of CM?

But not only these two additions come from outside, but Koushik Dutta , aka Koush , he was also an addition to CyanogenMod.

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Koushik Dutta , current vice president of engineering and cofounder CyanogenMod Inc. , was the creator and developer current ROM Manager . With this addition, today the CM ROMs have a magnificent update system . Apart from the many advantages that come with having development in your team to a brilliant mind such as that of Koush.

So far, no news about possible trades market developers. Although it would not be surprising that someone would choose to work for CyanogenMod Inc , because I think that as a company has great potential. In addition, the rumores terminal on its own makes the other manufacturers are set more on their new competitor. Who would not want a phone with good features and also an amazing operating system?. Yes, it’s Android, but the optimization is not CM has neither a pure Android.

If Cyanogen continues to attract talent in their ranks, perhaps the scene of Custom Roms can reach stay orphan , and the key drivers of popular Roms without its strengths, thus slowing their development and competitiveness and thus offer quality Roms, or just have new blood with equal or better talent that will supply .

The beginning of CyanogenMod and its famous custom ROMs


left;”> When we talked about CyanogenMod is always comes to mind their ROMs as well developed and optimized to make the most devices. For me personally, I love your ROMs and I am eager to leave CM11 stably. Although their latest versions nightlies have good reviews.

left;”> What started as a modified ROM for HTC Dream XDA published in 2007, has become one of the custom ROMs more expanded world . The wide acceptance that this ROM in the Android scene was awesome, many gave him a chance foreros this modified version of Android and more people asking adaptations for other devices. Undoubtedly, the high performance of CM is something every person wants in your mobile.

centre;”>  steve-Kondik-1

left;”> Its founder, Steve Kondik was not expecting her so popular in the famous ROM XDA forum but what began as home entertainment has expanded to form a development group. With the amount of good developers who work for CyanogenMod , now we have the ROMs.

left;”> As more people settled their modified ROMs on their handsets and saw that its users liked CM, viewed as a good idea formed company. So if we spoke of CyanogenMod, now we have to talk about CyanogenMod Inc .

One step forward, becomes CyanogenMod CyanogenMod Inc

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This image is just the first photo CyanogenMod Company Inc . In it you can see two of the above named in the center of the image, Steve Kondik and Koushik Dutta , the founders of the company.

The movements of the company have been quick, ally with a large manufacturer of mobile terminals to incorporate their default operating system. Union with a smaller manufacturer for making your own terminals . This would be similar to Google with Motorola or LG, for example, Google makes the OS and the device manufacturer. And the incorporation of large developers of the Android scene. If the device goes to a company competent price , the other manufacturers will have to stick your eyes on CyanogenMod Inc, that could be a significant rival in the Android market .

centre;”> cyanogen2.0

Another innovation that brought the formation of the company was the software desktop and installer in Google Play that was launched. Installers for easier any user ROM installation on your device. These are tactics to encourage more people turn to their software so that if in future, a device with that OS was launched by default, have followers.

Just do a good software and sell it is something that has always been there. This is the case of Microsoft, Adobe suites or programs for audio editing. It is always good to receive money based on what you like to do. As in the case of developers CyanogenMod , to see the tremendous support they received in the forums and on the amount of happy users with this modified version of Android, they decided to take the risky step of making the . was a group of friends for fun programming, a company with its costs and benefits

Will there be a direct competitor CyanogenMod Android


Increasingly the users after purchasing a terminal uses the Android ROMs CyanogenMod . Whether your computer because the friend recommended it because inquired by the forums or read something somewhere that Android web.

The fact is that this happens Google on Android plays applications that many users do not even open in your life and CyanogenMod eliminates that to use it in other aspects of the operating system. If we talk about the many layers of manufacturers and users hate that’s why you turn to customized ROMs and among all the forums they recommend is CM. Do you think users will resort to these terminals with a clean operating system, with performance improvements without application layers

But the tradeoff is that the dependence Google Apps for the vast majority of users are clear, and have to incorporate separately in a legal subterfuge, possibly measured in hours. You may eventually find substitutes, but today, there is a worthy rival to Google maps, calendar, gmail, etc …

centre;”> cyanogenmod-inc-one-plus

That CyanogenMod Inc has partnered with the Asian manufacturer OnePlus to launch its own terminal with CM default can be a great competitor to existing manufacturers. If OnePlus grow at the pace it did CyanogenMod could become a reputable manufacturer.

also have to think about another aspect of this union. Asian manufacturers are the smartphones that offer fairly good at economic prices . What if we join a good budget terminal with an operating system that squeezes the most from your benefits?. In this case and if it were to sell world CyanogenMod terminal Inc would be a worthy competitor to midrange cheap Android and some high end.

If this were to occur, it would be clear if the student surpasses the teacher.

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CyanogenMod brain drain. Before and after CV
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January 26, 2014

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