Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima shows the BB Pod Collector Edition

this Is the curious artifact that carries Sam, the protagonist of the game; this purchase option has a price of 200 euros.

Death Stranding revolutionized the week featuring not only their awaited new trailer, but also announced its release date. The new and curious game of Hideo Kojima will be available on PS4 next November 8, and we have already known is also different purchase options.

So is the awesome BB Pod to actual size

Among them are Collector’s Edition, valued at 200 euros, which includes a number of extras for the game along with the suitcase that carries the character in the video game, and a keychain of Ludens. However, there is something more in this Collector’s Edition: the BB Pod to actual size porta Sam, the protagonist.

The director Hideo Kojima has wanted to display Twitter images of this artifact, the comparing it with the statue Ludens feature of the offices of Kojima Productions.

also, Kojima has indicated that this BB Pod has been created under the supervision of Kojima Productions and may use lamp mode, in the words of the director himself. You can see in more images below:

on the other hand, Kojima also wanted us to show how are the goggles that carries Sam in the game, doing he same model.

The adventure of open world Death Stranding will come to our PS4 the 8th of November. Players will accompany Sam – played by Norman Reedus – in their attempt to put back together a fragmented society. You can read our progress here.

Death-Stranding: Hideo Kojima shows the BB Pod Collector Edition

Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima shows the BB Pod Collector Edition
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May 31, 2019

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