Human rights essay

Human rights (D.D.H.H.) are defined as the guarantees that human beings have for the simple fact of being that: human beings. These are the characteristics and attributes of people who cannot be harmed or harmed, such as their life, not being possible to attack both the physical and psychic integrity of people, in the same way, it is not possible to attack their dignity and their freedom.

Something fundamental about human rights, is that these arise from human nature itself, must be applied to all equally, without any possibility of discrimination.

Characteristics of human rights

There are certain human rights-specific characteristics which make it possible to understand more about the importance these possess.

In the first place, these are inherent to the human being, that is, as mentioned previously, they come from the nature of man and the recognition of his dignity just because he is a human being.

Second, human rights are universal, so they are applied to all the people of the world equally. On the other hand, these are inalienable rights, in other words, these are rights that cannot be lost or removed, because they come from human nature. Finally, human rights are inviolable, which prevents them from being able to transgress, in this way, any person who does not respect his rights has full freedom to demand it, receiving compensation around the damage caused.

Classification of human rights

Human rights, in order to facilitate their application, respect and understanding, are divided into two: civil and political Rights, on the one hand, and economic, social and cultural Rights on the other. The first, including the right to life, and thus to physical integrity. It also includes the right to freedom of expression, equality before the law and the application for protection. Economic, social and cultural rights are those relating to decent work, health, education and property.

Although these are basic rights and are presumed inviolable, the truth is that in practice, thousands of people are violating their human rights on a daily basis, a situation which, by contrast and as a measure to counteract this situation, has led to the Formation of organizations throughout the world, which are dedicated to ensuring compliance and respect for them.

And even though they are really logical and vital, it has never been possible to enjoy full compliance with human rights in any nation in the world, whether they are supposedly democratic nations and that carry out campaigns for the same borrowing. The most violent rights are that of life, first, as well as the right to have decent housing, education, decent employment, free expression, among many others.

It has reached the point where it is already considered as a utopia, a subject of study, but not of application to reality. The figures of the disappeared for only protesting their rights are something too alarming and not to say of the number of human beings who have no right or if they want a glass of pure water or a bread to quench their extreme hunger.

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Human rights essay
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June 9, 2019

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