Human suffering

There are many lessons that life tries to offer us, but because we are so blind and asleep, your last resort is to give them to us with suffering. For this reason, all the sufferings and problems of life bring within it great teachings.

The frustration of not satisfying desires

Absolutely everything bad that happens to us, it’s not really totally negative. In fact, they are like blessings in disguise because through the pain you are experiencing, you can access the wisdom you must awaken.

One of these great lessons of life is that it is preferable a thousand times to devote attention and effort to happiness, to well-being, to joy, to the positive, than to all that causes suffering in some way or other.

You should never pay attention to suffering and this is very difficult to comprehend. It is so difficult to grasp it and carry it out that they are counted with the fingers of the hands, the people who refuse to suffer. One could refuse everything: vices, parrandas, bad temper, lust, but suffering, almost no one. But there are many advantages that attract severing the attention of suffering altogether.

Suffering is the worst of addictions. There are countless pain addicts. Subconsciously, people love to suffer, whether out of spite, for money, for a family member, for himself, for the country, why they will say, because of the weather, even because a button is lost. There are a million excuses to suffer. But in reality, none is worth it, because suffering creates more suffering.

Suffering is like fire. It’s really fire. But if one refuses to suffer, one takes over the fire and this in turn is super powerful energy, with which we can perform wonders in our lives and in the lives of others. If we think of suffering we attract suffering. If we think of happiness, we attract happiness.

Budha says the cause of suffering is frustrated desire. And if we look carefully, the cause of the frustrated desire is ignorance and “the heresy of separativity”. I mean, we don’t know who we really are. We do not know our Divine Essence and there our mind begins to adhere to the material, to desire unreasonably all that it can to try to fill the void of Being, of Consciousness, of the Spirit. The cure is in the Knowledge of Self.

So internally there is a tremendous struggle to deny what is considered “real”, which in this case is the frustrated desires. As strong as the excuse for suffering, it is peremptory to ponder why one strives so resolutely to maintain that state, at all costs, but one wants and clings pleasantly to pain. Hey, there’s the masses that all live in us.

Undoubtedly, today’s human being suffers from extreme cruelty to himself, because he is in love with his own sufferings. From that point of view, we can realize the number of psychological pathologies that arise from the same thing, such as depression, sadness, anxiety, affliction, self punishment, anguish, moral punishment, suicide, stagnation, etc. Worst of all, none of this is needed.

And it is not required because if one is unhappy with his life, suffering in that way can never change it. Albert Einstein once said, “it’s impossible to get different results if you don’t change the way you think.” Very logical. There are those who believe that by showing their sufferings to a loved one, he will love him more.

The modern tendency to arouse pity in others, whether economically, sentimentally, spiritually or health, is terrible. Self-consideration is the daily bread, the front door to hell.

For example, the scorned is so blinded by his pain that he doesn’t even cross his mind that if he builds up courage and self-esteem and overcomes his own sufferings, stop thinking about them, or at least struggling, he’s going to look more interesting, attractive and valuable in the eyes of the one who is pretending, as for everyone.

Our free will is based on the freedom to choose what we want. But we chose it with thought, with attention. Problems and suffering are found in the mind, including bodily pain. Just stop thinking about it and that’s it. Difficult? of course it is. But not impossible and very necessary to free ourselves from the inner hell that we all carry inside and that we expand outside.

Suffering is the worst business, the worst investment one can make. The greatest sages of the past recommended and taught to deny themselves, especially self-consideration. This whole post is not about moralistic or positivist issues of the new age, but is nothing less than energy issues.

It is urgent and more than a priority to study and fully understand the laws that this Universe hold in order to use them to our advantage, or we will continue to be mibed in the most nefarious suffering, for millions of things.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” and suffering is thinking about pain.

Human suffering
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June 30, 2019

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