Inventions created from the second world war

The second world war has been the most important historical event in our day as in this being they lost millions of lives and there were incalculable material losses, but beyond the conflict came ideas that despite being created under the need today count as inventions without which man could not live.

Everything changed from that date

The hand watch that we know today and that 90% of humanity has attached to the arm was designed mainly to synchronize with the pilots the time of the bombings. Queen Elizabeth I was the first civilian to use this artifact and after the war became popular around the world.

Vegetarian sausages are a German invention, because thanks to food shortages they were forced to make meals that would meet the needs of meat, and it was Konrad Adenauer who sought a way to replace meat products, in the land of the Sausages as Germany is known and to that end started using a mixture of rice flour, barley and cornmeal, but after several attempts he could deduce that soy was the best ally for this sausage that today is very famous throughout the globe.

Stainless steel was an invention that arose after experimenting with many metals to make weapons and it was the English metallurgist Harry Bearley who discovered among the scrap a strange metal that despite having been exposed to the sun and the rain there was no ox and scrap this metal became the main component of the engines of British aircraft, later this metal gained a lot of power in cutlery, and surgical material.

Despite being born in these circumstances these objects today are indispensable for many people and not only in Europe but throughout the planet.

Inventions created from the second world war
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August 14, 2019

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