Major works by Julio Arboleda

Julio Arboleda is the author of many works from various fields, because it was multifaceted. Mainly, he was a journalist and a skilled writer, one of his main works being the foundation of the newspaper ‘El Independiente’, which emerged from his inspiration even while in the university stage.

A multifaceted legacy

In the middle of the nineteenth century, he created the newspaper called ‘El Patriota’ and immediately, ‘El Payanés’. He was a tremendous editor, who apart from his own massive media foundations, contributed to others such as ‘The Century, where he worked with his uncle Lino de Pombo.

As a good journalist, he was a revolutionary critic of the government system, so he led the opposition against former Colombian president José Hilario López. To this end, he designed another newspaper called ‘The Misophorus’.

In poetry:

The era that belonged to Arboleda was that of romanticism, therefore, all his poetic works highlight the beauty, love and admiration for nature. In fact, his poetry is preserved as relics and were also characterized, some, by a revolutionary but loving and delicate political touch, practically in a very spiritual way.

In them he embodied all his outrage at corruption and war, as in his poem entitled ‘Gonzalo de Oyón’, classified as the essay of American poetry in the epic, more laudable and narrative mode that narrates the events of the colony in Popayán , but did not leave it incomplete.

He presented it to the public in the edition of his poetic creations, made by the illustrious Miguel Antonio Caro, in 1883, in New York City.

Among his main works, the booklet ‘the three candidates’ is highlighted, with which he contributed greatly to General Borrero’s campaign. Colombia was his native country and Popayán the city of his eyes; land that inspired his major journalistic and poetic works. There, in that city in the south of the country, he erected his monument.

Major works by Julio Arboleda
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July 5, 2019

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