Paint concept

One of the best accessories that Windows contains is Paint, which allows you to design drawings. Apparently, it is seen as a simple and basic tool, but in reality, experts say that because of its excellent quality and sharpness, it can not even be compared with the professional type of drawing programs.

Paint concept

The most basic but effective drawing tool

Specifically, Microsoft designed this accessory as a complete photo editor, which is included in the Windows operating system from the first version. Obviously, these reasons led to high levels of popularity and use in those primary versions, where people first ventured into the art of drawing on a computer.

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Newly designed, it was baptized as ‘Paintbrush’. It was from Windows 95 that it began to be called ‘Paint’. How to forget that generation in which in many homes, children and adults were entertained letting out their creativity and their ability with the mouse.

At that time and in subsequent versions, the program only supported BMP files. Only until very recently, with Windows Vista, you can save the files in ‘.webp’ format, which can be very low quality, depending on the number of times you have edited and saved or by default of the size.

From the Vista, the undo tool can be used 10 times and it has a zoom slider and the colors of the palette have varied. But the transformations continue today with Windows 7 and 8, incorporating different shades of color, improved brush tools, such as oils that allow printing an excellent touch of realism, among other tools that greatly improve the art.

As if that were not enough, to offer a higher quality and to make the files more compatible, in the latter operating systems can be saved in PNG.

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