Pretty phrases for stepfather

A stepfather is the person who acts as the father when the mother takes another person as her husband. In some cases, the stepfather may not have the affection that the biological father would have for his children, but in other cases he not only acts as a father, but for the children he becomes his real father, while that the biological father becomes only his “donor of genetic material”.

Affection for the one who served as father and friend

In this case we will see some nice phrases to dedicate to a stepfather when he has earned our love, our appreciation, worth, respect and admiration.

  • Father is not the one who begets, but he who bears. And you are the best dad for me. You are the best dad in the world.
  • Dad is not the one who puts the eggs. Dad is the one who offers advice, protection and love.
  • You are not my stepfather: You are my dad, and you are a star, you are the star that guides me.
  • Donate sperm anyone does, accompanying, guiding and giving value to a life only a father does. I love you Papa.

End of nice phrases for stepfather.

Pretty phrases for stepfather
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June 17, 2019

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