Summary of North Pass

Passing North, or North Pass is an account of Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, included in the book The Plain in Flames and whose characters are: the protagonist, the father of the protagonist, transit, Estanislao and the person of migration.

A depressive story

This story is about a father and his son, who are talking and apparently there is no good relationship. The son asks his father to take care of his family while he goes to the border in order to earn more money, but the father does not want because he suffers from a depression because his wife and daughter died.

Then he says that the son failed to be on the border and was attacked as he passed the river to the United States, because some Apaches ended the life of his friend, but fortunately he was able to escape, but with wounds and a broken arm. He was the only survivor of the terrible shooting.

When the young man interrogated his father for his family, he replied that his wife left him abandoned for fleeing with a drover, but he decided to go and look for her.

This literary work is studied every year by schoolchildren from many Latin American nations.


Summary of North Pass
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June 15, 2019

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