The intellectual animality

A large percentage of people consider that they are different from animals. An animal is guided by instinct; The present man is dominated by his mind, which is once dominated by his instinct.

We look human but we are not

Today, everywhere animals, intellectuals, believers, superiors, intelligent and very capable abound, that up to the moment of criticizing and judging others of their species. It is obvious that subject stories are not more aware that they are not more than others. of conditions.

It is so easy to highlight this question, which can be seen in the future. Not to mention pride, or gluttony, nor this time of envy or laziness. Unmistakable aspects of animal nature.

Why we are not men, but intellectual animals, mistakenly, called men. A real man will use 100% of the capacity of his brain, think for himself and detest others thinking for him. Never fall into the error of borrowing words or ideas from others and not expressly acknowledge having done so.

This virus is called plagiarism, which makes those who become intelligent and believe the story, present as a total or partial work without being its author or author. In this way, with a fragmentary or total copy of a text, we present as its whole an order of ideas from others and do not inform it.

That is why more can be seen in this evil, product of the absurd social system, is in universities, schools, educational centers. Another fundamental cause is laziness. Such a sinister defect means that current students are not used as linguistic tools such as quotes, and thus their ideas are argued with the theories of others. Thus we begin to weaken the work, by reproducing, as if you yourselves, the contents in an article published by another, offering them as the result of a personal appreciation.

The intellectual animality
Source: Education  
June 30, 2019

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