The secret cure for any disease

Any disease can be cured without recourse to traditional medicine and without investing in chemical medicines, produced by pharmaceutical multinationals, which do not suit their medicines to root evil.

Any disease can be cured without recourse to traditional medicine and without investing in chemical medicines, produ...

The secret cure for any disease

Hidden practices

With the ancient techniques handled by the ancient Greeks, Incas, Maya, Aztecs, Egyptians, among other great ancestral cultures, synthesized in the Four Pillars of Wisdom below described in a focused way with the purpose of healing any ailment, mental or physical. For example, you can experience directly and without theories that the wise use of Sexual Creative Energy can cure any disease that is suffering, without exception and without ever having to go to a doctor opening and damaging the physical body or ingesting high-cost substances, or of any kind.

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REVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY: first it sickens the mind, then the body.

To begin with, if you suffer from a disease that afflicts you, you must understand that the cause is in a Psyche disorder, because first it sickens the mind and then the body. It is necessary to call for introspective and reflexive psychoanalysis to discover the cause of the disease and thus end it on its own. All these techniques can be performed by anyone who proposes and disciplines practice them.

Today, the numbers of people suffering from cancer are increasing by leaps and bounds and it is all due to ignorance and misuse of one’s sexual energy. In the psychological aspect, it is quickly spent and rotting with the psychic defects that we carry inside: ANGER, BAD GENIUS, GREED, STRESS, CONCERNS, AMBICIONES, GROSERÍAS, AGRESSION, VIOLENCE, ENVY, PRIDE, FANATISM, PORNOGRAPHY, ABERRATIONS, TYRANNY, DESPAIR, FRUSTRATION, FEAR, BLAME, RESENTMENT, DOUBT, ETC, ETC, ETC.

It is urgent that the sick person immediately performs the following practice, every day and for each question takes a good time, sincerely as possible and without justifying himself at all or blaming anyone:

  • Lie on your back as relaxed as possible.
  • Ask God (which is in Your Interior) to please help you in this procedure.
  • Ignore any thoughts that come to be distracting.
  • Breathe deeply through your nose, inflating your abdomen, and gently exhale through your mouth. Repeat this for 6 minutes.


(The mind itself is not able to eliminate any defects. It is only possible with a higher power that fortunately we also carry inside and it is the feminine part of God: the Divine Mother, the Virgin Mary, Isis, Athena, as several ancient civilizations called it. Then for every detail you discover, make the following request: Virgin Mary: remove this defect)

  • How am I aggressive?
  • Which NEGATIVE EMOTIONS are the most invade spending on me every day?
  • What negative actions do these terrible emotions lead me to?
  • What’s bothering me the most?
  • Is it that if I care a lot about this, I fix it or on the contrary, I make it worse?
  • Did you know that worry is a fearful emotion of the most negative?
  • How does sadness take hold of me?
  • What makes me sad?
  • How do I get a bad temper?
  • Who am I going out with?
  • Why am I getting away with it?
  • Why do I give so much importance to words and make them hurt so much, if they’re taken away by the wind?
  • Which of all these negative emotions i’ve realized I’m wearing inside, I think has caused me this disease?

The other part of the psychological work that the interested party must do is to learn how to eliminate defects that manifest the moment, from moment to moment.To do this, you can search the posts for all the reference articles of the eradication of psychic aggregates. A phenomenal technique called esoterically “Psychological Death”.


It is urgent to understand that the wise use of sexual energy, at its best, not ejaculate the seminal liquor as they are very valuable liquids carrying a great Divine Energy that apart from giving life by reproducing the species, can give Eternal Life, Youth and Perpetual Health.

It is required that the interested party obtain a partner of the opposite sex (one no more) who is also interested in these studies and learn the technique of sexual transmutation, or sexual alchemy or also called by the ancient cultures of the world as sexual magic or white tantrism, which consists of the sexual union of a man and a woman, for spiritual purposes without reaching orgasm or ejaculation, using mantras and correct breathing cycles, delivered at the conferences of Self-Knowledge.


Those who are interested in advancing these truly scientific and revolutionary studies must undoubtedly teach this Knowledge to all who can, without the interest of accepting or practicing them, respecting free will. This must be done massively every day.


Learn to check the truth and purity of this Knowledge and to experience truth for yourself, without beliefs, fanaticisms or theories, practicing: conscious astral unfolding, meditation, concentration, relaxation, negotiation and cancellation of karma, among other hidden techniques.

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