The world’s most popular religions

Around the world, there are many beliefs as far as gods are concerned, but there are four religions that dominate over others that may exist in the world.

Faith moves millions of people

Christianity has 33% of the total population, translated into 2.1 trillion faithful. Christianity continues to be the religion with the most followers of the world, especially in places like Latin America and Eastern Europe. Part of this population belongs to the Roman Catholic religion, preachers of jehovah or evangelicals, among many others.

Islam has 1.6 billion followers, making up 21% of the total population. One of the oldest religions in the world and still dominating much of North Africa and the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is the country with the highest number of followers of Islam; the pilgrimage to Mecca alone brings together 2.5 million followers annually.

Hinduism, with 950 million followers and 14% of the total population, which nurture one of the oldest religions in the world; it is polytheistic, that is, that they base their beliefs on various gods and is composed of a caste system, as well as encourages the breakdown of the cycle of reincarnations fostered by karma. The largest number of followers of Hinduism resides in India.

Buddhism has 400 million faithful, a total 6% of the population. It is a religion that stands out for the absence of gods and whose sole purpose is the enlightenment promoted by the prophet Buddha, around the 6th century A.D. Buddhism has proven to be an increasingly tolerant and accepted religion by the Western population. Its largest number of followers resides in Tibet, India, Thailand and China.

The figures reveal that the largest number of people, affiliated with Protestant evangelical Christian churches, are located in South America, as well as the largest number of Catholic faithful.

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The world’s most popular religions
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August 22, 2019

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