What is ego

The ego is the set of psychological defects that we carry within us, such as worries, fears, vices, anxieties, anxieties, melancholy, sadness, reactions, violence, laziness, masturbation, pornography, boredom, grudges, revenge, lust, pride, sentimentality, selfishness, envy, jealousy, bitterness, negativity, necessity, etc.

Multiplicity of demons inside

The great Sages of the ages assure that “even if we had a thousand tongues to speak and palate of steel, we would not end up enunciating them.” All that cluster of negative thoughts and emotions, lead us to carry in thousands of ways of being different.

At one point, a me wants to read the paper. Another, wants to play video games; instantly, a different self is asking for sex, but in another he is hungry and wants to eat. Every moment there are many psychological inhuman additions fighting for the possession of our body and personality.

Many people dwell in our bodies and minds, but we do not realize it, because we have atrophied the sixth sense, which no one spoke to us about, neither in school, nor in the university, nor in the family, nor in a religion, or anywhere. For lack of self-observation, he was terrified.

But if we start using it, such as an organ that has been discontinued for years, if it is exercised comes to life again. How do we observe ourselves? Always sensing what we are thinking second by second, listening carefully to that internal dialogue that seemed not to shut up. Observing the emotions that are produced by those thoughts and detailing what desires and reactions are being generated.

By various names the ego, throughout the history of humanity, has been known in the different peoples of antiquity. Some names are: mistakes, seth’s red demons, devils, sins, pain, injustices, desires, temptations, mistakes, impurities, darkness, concepts, sufferings, Satan, Mara’s demons, ignorance, among others.

These defects have been born and strengthened throughout successive stocks. Most of humanity is in the last existences, so the ego is so strong in all the people of the nations of the world and degeneration touches today, its peaks.

They were born the product of untransformed impressions, throughout these “past lives” and this. About 400 million sperm come out every time it is ejaculate. Only one of them can create a human being. Each also creates terrible psychological defects by being spilled the semen.

Egos are as old as dinosaurs

For millions of years now, human beings have populated the face of the Earth, the ego began to gestate. The first egos to form were those of laziness, which is everyone’s mother. We have a lot of details of laziness. Every detail is an ego. For example, the self of boredom, leisure, fun, farra, disobedience, etc.

Another of the first egos to be created was lust, with its great head of legion: fornication. That was the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate. Since it was first fortified, these flaws have been created that make our lives a sea of suffering.

It is because of the psychic defects that cause diseases. It is already scientifically discovered, that according to the way one sits and thinks, he lives well. A person with grudges built into his heart inevitably develops cancer. Needless to say, those who continually torment theself with anger and quite negative states of fumes. There the disease is not expected.

And there are thousands of excuses for one to be angry, for example; but each of those excuses is a psychological flaw. Excuseorors or without excuse, those negative emotions and thoughts cause the brain and cells to secrete poisonous substances to the body, seriously making it sick. Anger equals more than 100 fornications.

Egos are increasingly reproduced, after existence. Its molecular weight increases over time and years. There are many details of lust such as: look at butts, masturbate, pornographic thoughts, anal sex, oral, inflatable dolls, pornography, lesbianism, homosexualism, celibacy, fetishists, aberrations, etc.

Psychic aggregates, being energy of Consciousness are permanently creating, because that energy is creative all the time. I mean, if you’re thinking something negative like how poor you are, then you’re getting poorer. If you think your partner is being unfaithful to you, tormented by heartbreaking jealousy, then in less than nothing your partner will go into someone else’s arms. These energies of the ego always attract tragedies, accidents, diseases, poverty, misery and finally, physical death.

The advantage is that all egos can be eliminated, but for this it is absolutely necessary the technique of self-observation. Remain alert and vigilant to any manifestation, no matter how tiny of those emotions or thoughts, or negative words or actions. Then pray to the Divine Mother to eliminate it.

The Divine Mother is a part of our Spirit, who has the power to eliminate flaws, with a powerful spear that carries in her arms, from which a ray of fulminant, violet-colored fire, is directed towards the defect that we have previously observed and asked for its elimination. It is logical that we will have to refuse to continue thinking, feeling or satisfying the defect.

All defects manifest theway in the form of desires. So on the day they present theway: I want to masturbate, I want to eat, I want to avenge myself, I want to manipulate, I want to lie, I want to slander, I want to gossip, I want to perish, I want to have sex, I want to hit, I want to scream, I want to sleep, etc. etc. The satisfaction of each desire of these amounts to losing large amounts of Sexual Energy that would allow us to awaken great psychic powers and become Higher Beings of the Universe.

What is ego
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July 7, 2019

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