Everyone wants to create the next eSport, few will succeed

Everyone wants to create the next eSport, few will succeed

Electronic Arts wants its games are eSports, but need more than good game.

Electronic Arts has awarded a new role one of its executives, will be responsible for the new division of the company aimed at eSports.

The studio is responsible for successful franchises like FIFA and Battlefield and aim to achieve greater relevance in that niche games that both grows, generates many millions . But it is not only EA, most of the big game companies want their own eSports.

The division will be in charge of organize competitions of the most successful multiplayer franchise by retransmitting online and possible agreements with cable companies. It also aims to develop competitive games, in order to give birth to the new golden goose of our generation.

EA FIFA wants more than a game. Shutterstock.

EA FIFA wants more than a game. Shutterstock.

EA is not a new player in the industry, lead being a big name and multiplayer games for many years but not in the eSports dominated by Riot Games, Valve and Blizzard . The division would help generate revenue beyond software sales with tickets to live events and advertising within the competition. For EA, the main challenge remains down that wall that still exists at explain to advertisers who see playing is fun, interest and gives a lot of money .

Create a eSport creates retroactive effect. A great game can become eSport eSport and makes a good game be even better . There is a professional landscape always encourages more players interested and buy the game. Competitions are the best showcase through the portal of retransmissions Twitch: more viewers, more buyers and possibility to deposit money

In Search of the goose that lays the golden eggs

. eSports video games are almost what was the smartphone for technology companies. There are competitions, prizes millionaires, professional players, players, peripheral companies that manufacture exclusively for them, full stadiums and millions of viewers online. Two figures that summarize the year in eSports: $ 18 million in prizes to the end of Dota 2, 36 million viewers in the final of League of Legends

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The eSports is a train that can not be missed . Blizzard announced a division dedicated to eSports and Time Warner announced the creation of a league on Fridays for television. Even in recent Game Awards Shaquille O’Neal took the stage to sponsor a league games.

Amazon bought for $ 970 million was buying Twitch almost total control eSports emissions in Europe and America . YouTube viewers try to remove YouTube Twitch Gaming, although it is not getting, and there vada and more interest in television. Streaming allows to present the game and profitable competition through advertising, being the most popular game in Twitch is synonymous with being the eSport Most played.

A big business that very few have managed to enter The problem is that eSports are old formulas that work very well, there are large companies and is behind its main product. There is a huge computer games constantly updated so that the interest of the players stand to grow. Even they introduce professional circuits as in tennis

 Edwin Castro is the most popular streamer Twitch. ability and personality in the game can earn thousands dollars a month through advertising and subscriptions to their channel.

Edwin Castro is the most popular streamer Twitch: playing ability and personality. You can earn thousands of dollars a month through advertising and subscriptions to their channel.

To get here you have last years of work and perseverance not enough to develop a game that is interesting, you have to ensure that there are players who want to work professionally to be the best at it. In addition, it has to be a game that is enjoyed as a spectator and you can learn to play constantly.

The genre MOBA, Dota 2 and League of Legends is the most popular and all companies that have tried to get as Blizzard Storm Heroes or Smite will have failed in the attempt. It is very difficult to get something new, communities of both games are so active and bigger than any player interested in the genre is already playing one of them. There’s the money, their favorite players and constant updates. Why switch to a new one when they are still gardens of roses?

And in the FPS the most played remains the Counter-Strike , a game that has more than 15 years but renovated with the online capabilities of the time. ESports really do not have to be innovative, and create formulas rare: they have to be easy to digest and very complex to master. The complexity and the possibilities are what fuel the competition.

The eSports approaches are based on simple, but very difficult to master

EA has a good chance with FIFA, is a game that works for many years and is quite popular on Twitch. need that people do not see it only as a game to hang out with friends, but a eSports . A competition.

On the other side of the coin we have studies that show his game as an eSport. No, A eSport players believe it and for a game to become a successful eSport it has to be excellent. First game after the competition.


Everyone wants to create the next eSport, few will succeed
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December 11, 2015

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