Experiment with the effect to your photos PIP: PIP Camera

A few weeks ago I myself I showed a small application on photography . Camera Magic was called, was very Sencillito and served to give a drawing effect to an area of ​​the image. Now I have found that such effects called PIP (Pic-in-Pic) , or what would be, picture in picture. That gave us only app that effect, but it was quite original.

Today we bring another application of style, but this time specializing in PIP effects. If you liked Camera Magic but You wanted Moreover, the application of today I think I will leave satisfied.

 pip-camera-a PIP Camera

This application serves to implement PIP effects to our images. To describe this effect can say that it is about creating a modified image within the same image. For example, we can let the background blur, and leave a good picture with crisp framing. In the attached images you can see what I mean.

The application is simple to use. We have two modes, classical and frames. In the 2 the procedure is the same, we chose to use the image from the gallery, Dropbox, or any file explorer. Automatically it will open the selection screen effects, which we can already see the effect applied. can select each of them to see how it looks in our image. In addition, the area that we can choose it clear dragging the image within the frame.

 pip-camera We also have a small button on the right to allows us to place the image directly as wallpaper. We have quite different effects to choose from about 15. In mode 6 or 7 frames have more types of effect, although in this case not to blur the background of the image. It is best to try them all to see which one we like best.

Here’s not all. Once we decide we want to use the framework, the next step is another selection effects , but they applied to the entire image. These are typical effects of other image editing applications. can enhance the colors, put it in black and white, kind Lomo, sketch … we have about 10 in total. Once done we will have our final image that is stored in our mobile and we can share in the last step. From the options we can configure our accounts in different social networks.

As a last feature application has a library of frames where we can download many more to the default ones. All free and without leaving the app. And with that we have it all. The application is free, with no advertising. In total there are so many possible combinations, so it’s a good game if you like these things.

[app] com.pipcamera.activity [/ app]

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Experiment with the effect to your photos PIP: PIP Camera
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February 3, 2013

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