Explained the ‘Events Dark’ XCOM 2

It is one of the new features in this release.
Firaxis has explained the “ Events Dark XCOM 2 , one of the new features which will demonstrate this release.
commented According to the company, these events will be a “ contraoperaciones ” made by Advent , the organization human we work with alien invaders, and these will occur when our team starts to claim territory.
Whenever we complete a Dark Event successfully a random switch is added to the gameplay and some of them will have much impact on the development of the action.
This sequel ambientará 20 years after XCOM: Enemy Unknown in a future where aliens have seized power, forcing members of XCOM to operate in the shadows to combat this threat and thus regain control of Earth.
February 5 exclusively for PC

Explained the 'Events Dark' XCOM 2


Explained the ‘Events Dark’ XCOM 2
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October 30, 2015

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