Galaxy Note 5 Also in the fashion color: Rose Gold

Pink Gold

At current Galaxy Note 5 Pearl White, Black Sapphire, Titanium Gold Platinum and Silver, we add another, that certainly more than one ring a bell or other issues lately. It is pink star of extensions catalog Samsung desde its first model phablet , though never with this new tone gold .

Samsung also announced the availability of one of the first four models that had not yet released. The silver, one of the most attractive, was not yet available. He will from now (yes, distributed in places where the terminal) and Rose Gold model come from 23.

It is curious that, as Huawei (which also shares hue), has decided to distribute this issue with a certain exclusivity: will come only 64-GB capacity .

Finally, it is also interesting to take a look at the evolution of pink in this line of Samsung. For the Galaxy Note, pink has never been the same twice, and it was not until the Note 5 to adopt this new fashion color. Why is it?

Colors horrible? No problem

We are not convinced any of them? No problem, we still have one last option brings user Reddit , which is directly elected by remove the color of your Note 5 pulling the film from his back, leaving some components in view .

 Note 5 Al Aire

Certainly I really like this kind of mods , which add a stroke of originality and uniqueness devices. The problem can, of course, to deal with the technical service and warranty … If you want to look at the process, the user rose algunas images of the same network

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Galaxy Note 5 Also in the fashion color: Rose Gold
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October 16, 2015

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