Gaming systems free open source role and ready to play

Systems games free open source role and ready to play

Gone are the days when you had to invest a large sum of money to try an RPG and become an elf, orc or dwarf in a world of adventure and magic powers. Now you can download free game systems ready to play role and what is best, create your own games based on them

RPG are an effective (and fun) way develop imagination, create social ties and cultivate the tools for troubleshooting and improvisation. As if that were not enough, each game has mechanical, rules and completely different worlds in which you can become what you want, well, if you have skills to create and tell stories; You can exercise them creating and narrating adventures for your friends.

While it is true that href=”” Dungeons and Dragons is one of the most popular role playing games, now you can get hundreds of titles and systems, many of which licenses Open source and Open Game; so you can create your own adventures and stories using these systems. Not having the physical rulebook longer an excuse to dive into this passionate world as can download the PDF of these games free role . And if you have given, do not worry, there are also several applications for devices Apple href=”” and Android .

Swords and Wizardry

Based on the rules classic Dungeons and Dragons (1974, first edition), href=”″ Swords and Wizardry presents a fantasy world classical epic, where you can embody any of the races and classes of D & D. OGL has a license and you can descarlo on page Mythmere Games. With the href=”” basic set of rules you can start creating your own adventures almost immediately, as they are much more simpler and faster than those of D & D.


This game is rather a toolbox that allows each group to build a system of rules that can fit almost any story or genre you prefer. Fate href=”” is my favorite, because focuses on the qualities of the characters (called aspects in the game) and not so much on numbers and statistics. With every aspect the players, with the help of Dungeon Master, build the world. Thus, the DM can give you Fate Points based on your issues and get involved in the story. Have a Creative Commons license , so you can create and publish your own adventures based on this system. You can download the href=”” complete set of rules, but if you want started right away, I recommend you use href=”” Accelerated Fate. And if you’re looking for a simple adventure where you can be a magical cat protects his human, then you can download The Secret of Cats

Open D6

It is a classic simple and easy game with mechanical play . It arises in the nineties and becomes very popular, because is the system used for RPGs Ghostbusters, Star Wars and DC Adventures of the time. Use only 6 sided dice, making it easy for those who want to invest in polyhedral dice. It is also very cinematic and intuitive. Open D6 gives you three books pre configured for various adventures . You can download href=”” D6 Space for history developed in outer space and sci -fi, including the book href=”” spacecraft and aliens. There is also a version of target=”_blank”> fantasy creatures, magic and locations. You’ll also find a set of rules href=”” Adventure ideal for stories set in espionage, old west and more. If you want to start playing right away, you can download version href=”” Mini6 , which in just 36 pages has several preconfigured settings and adventures.


Their motto is “RPG anything” , and I stick to it. href=”” Risus is simple and versatile, you can use it to acclimate virtually any story. In addition, it is short, concise and practical; so it is ideal for those who do not want to spend hours reading before starting to create characters and play ; and also for those who have never tried an RPG. The best part? It is entirely href=”” translated into Spanish, including regulations and atmospheres.

Stars withouth Number

It is a retro sci-fi game, set in the year 3200, after the fall of the empire of humanity. Stars Without href=”″ Numbers offers tools to DMs and players to create their own adventures in the future distant. The mechanics are similar to that of the first editions of D & D and Traveler, but adapted to the genre. There are paid versions, but not much different from the href=”” OGL free distribution. . A must for fans of Sci-fi who wish to venture into the world of RPGs


Gaming systems free open source role and ready to play
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June 27, 2015

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