Google Fit gets a facelift and new features in its latest update

Google Fit

Google Fit is the proposal Google so we can keep track of our activity directly on mobile or smartwatch . Counts steps, distance, calories burned and allows for challenges, and with the latest update receives many interesting news , starting with a striking design and new features.

After the tracks left in the conference Google I / O , and we smelled that in Mountain View were preparing changes to your Google Fit app and today finally have been made official. Version 1.57 gives a facelift to the interface and also enhances the capabilities of the app


more visual interface (and functional)

in the first image that illustrates this article (courtesy of Android Police ) you can see the previous design of Google Fit on the left and the right, the result after installing the update. The illustration on the top and the arrangement of elements is much more attractive and also have expanded the data, adding the statistics of the week and not just the day we met.

This release of Google Fit also debuts a new section called Timeline, which can carry a track activity in chronological order , most current to oldest.

New widget, configurable challenges and more

Google Fit

the Google Fit challenges are one of the sections most improvement after the upgrade. Now you can set challenges for different activities and frequency a day, week or month. For example we can set ourselves a goal to run three times out a week and track at all times.

Google Fit widget

the Google widget Fit also renews and allow see a chart with outstanding goals . Finally, the application for Android Wear also receives some changes as the new interface with dark background and the new area Google Fit Today showing data on the activity of the day.

The Google Fit version 1.57 has been released , but can still take a few days to reach all devices. If you can not wait, you can install the APK manually extracted by Android Police.

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Engadget Android | Google Fit is updated so that you control your training sessions in Android Wear

The news Google Fit gets a facelift and new features in its latest update was originally published in Engadget Android by Amparo Babiloni .

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Google Fit gets a facelift and new features in its latest update
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June 28, 2016

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