Google Keyboard 5.0 for Android, knows all this great new update


keyboard Google already played a facelift, had just received news since Google hurl Lollipop already more than a year, with what we received with bravos open its new major update that has already begun to arrive through Google Play staggered.

keyboard Google jumps version 5.0 with one of its most complete updates it has received to date. This major update is full of new features that make this much more versatile and easy to use keyboard


Drag suggestion to remove

keyboard 5.0

keyboard Google ** automatically learn words as you write. Stop watching a suggestion is now as simple as holding down the word and drag it to the trash

New touch gestures

We have two new touch gestures.

  • we can delete entire words by sliding left from the delete key.
  • Gesture cursor by sliding left and right on the space bar.

Show edge key


Google keyboard 5.0 now allows us show the edges of keys to define each of the keyboard keys.

Change keyboard height

 keyboard 5.0

from the keyboard preferences can change the keyboard height. We have available A total of five heights to select.

keyboard 5.0

div class = “article-asset-image article-asset-normal” Emoji and keypad


keyboard 5.0

we can now access the emoji and new numeric keyboard quickly from the symbols page.

Mode side

keyboard 5.0

Finally, will now be more comfortable writing on our device using just one hand thanks to the new mode one side that can be activated by making a long press on the key ‘ , ‘or enter key. The keyboard will be smaller and will adjust one side of the screen, we want

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Google Keyboard 5.0 for Android, knows all this great new update
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May 2, 2016

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