Here are our 28 favorite couples Valentine series


Valentine’s Valentine’s day and day to remember those couples obsessed television viewers, and Internet. Rare is the series that do not have shippers among its fans, espectadores supporting both romantic couples already established in the series, as they have a chance.

To celebrate this day, here you have a 28 pairs of series that seem the most adorable, entertaining, which have more potential or simply that we would rather see <-.! more ->

Clarke and Bellamy


The other “official” couple ‘ 100 ‘is that of Clarke and Lexa, but the evolution of the relationship between Clarke and Bellamy has also won him many fans.

Brienne and Jaime


the Undying and Tarth Maiden have developed an interesting friendship ‘ Game of thrones ‘, so it was inevitable that fans have to see something more between them.

Mulder and Scully


X-Files ‘always revolved around the relationship between Mulder and Scully, and continued exploring her tenth season, with the addition of the effects of aging.

Oliver and Felicity


in theory, Oliver’s love interest in ‘ Arrow ‘was Laurel. Until Felicity appeared, and changed plans series.

Root and Shaw


the hacker and the couple are professional killer whose fate worries the fans ‘ Person of interest ‘. What they will bring the fifth season?

Veronica and Logan

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The acronym shipper of this couple ‘ Veronica Mars ‘ is ideal for Valentine’s Day: Love. more followers than the duet with Duncan was.

Alicia and Will


The Good Wife ‘, Alicia Florrick always thinks he could be with Will Gardner, even after meeting Jason Crouse in this seventh season.

Barry and Kara


When the crossover the ‘ the Flash ” and “ Supergirl ‘, check if Barry Allen and Kara really Danvers are so similar.

Cat and Vincent


the favorite couple of the People’s Choice Awards is the main reason for viewers to keep watching “Beauty and beast ‘.

Castle and Beckett


the ratio of the two protagonists of Castle ‘has gone through its ups and downs, but remains the center around rotating the series.

Jane and Michael

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‘Jane the Virgin’ there are several couples who support, but which starts the series, Jane and Michael, remains one of our favorites.

Lorelai and Luke


Apart grooms Rory in ‘ Gilmore girls ‘, if Lorelai and Luke ended up together or was not one of the most debated aspects of the series.

Ian and Micky


Shameless ‘, the evolution of the relationship between Ian and Micky is one of the favorite spots of their fans.

Jessica and Luke


Luke Cage appeared in ‘ Jessica Jones ‘ and got softening a little hard facade of Jessica.

Nomi and Nita


Nomi and Amanita are the other “official partner” of ‘ Sense8 ‘, which is supported unconditionally in the middle of everything that is going on.

Mary and Branson


Downton Abbey ‘ came to be many fans of Mary and Branson, who develop an interesting friendship in recent seasons.

Will and Hannibal


During the three seasons of ‘ Hannibal ‘, viewers have always been very aware of how the evolving relationship between Will and Dr. Lecter.

Dean Strang and Jerry Buting


those who saw ‘ Making a murderer ‘ probably end up wanting to see both attorneys Steven Avery, Strang and Buting, and talks preparing for the trial.

Haley and Andy


Haley and Andy have bad timing Modern Family ‘, which does not prevent them from being one of the most adorable couples television.

Amy and Karma


Any ‘ Faking it ‘revolves around the possibility that Amy and Karma maintain their friendship to changes in his life, including feelings for her friend Amy.

Caroline and Max


the protagonists of ‘ 2 Broke Girls ‘and friendship are the main constant among all the jokes last thread of this comedy.

Dean and Castiel


fans of ‘ Supernatural ‘ have been around long enough to support the friendship between Dean and Casiel, almost more than the famous “incest” between Sam and Dean.

Mindy and Danny


the Mindy Project ‘ is showing an interesting evolution in the relationship between Mindy and Danny now it has become more serious.

Ben and Leslie


Among the television marriages, Ben and Leslie in ‘ Parks and Recreation ‘ was the most endearing and fun .

Buffy and Spike

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Yes, the great love story ‘ Buffy the Vampire Slayer ‘ was to Buffy and Angel, but Spike had great chemistry. And it was more fun.

Piper and Alex


Orange is the New Black ‘ gives some relevance to the complicated relationship between Piper Chapman and Alex Vause. Yes, the second led to the first to prison, but is not that simple.

Rebecca Bryan


the two protagonists of Limitless ‘have great chemistry, and their characters have developed a great friendship, but for now, the series is not going out there.

Korra and Asami


the legend of Korra ‘ was slowly developing the relationship between Korra and Asami, which was moving towards something more than friendship slowly.

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Here are our 28 favorite couples Valentine series
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