HomePod Refurbished for $ 299

Apple added this week teams HomePod to your online store products refurbished in the united States. The HomePods that have a price of 349 dollars, you can get refurbished with a discount of $ 50, to $ 299 in both options of colors: white and Space Gray.

HomePod was announced in February, and is the speaker smart voice recognition Siri that will match with Apple Music. It works well as a Home hub has built in support for AirPlay 2, you can make phone calls, and provides almost all the features that Siri includes in iPhone.

When purchasing computers refurbished Apple get a good discount on a product that is almost new. All computers refurbished Apple are tested, certified, cleaned and have a one-year warranty that can be extended to more purchasing AppleCare+.


HomePod Refurbished for $ 299
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November 14, 2018

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