How it works Captagon, a dangerous drug consuming jihadists

How it works Captagon, a dangerous drug consuming jihadists

Captagon is the brand name used to talk about the fenetilina, an amphetamine that produces euphoria, concentration and is used by jihadists in their supposed holy war.

I could not believe. The more news appeared in the media, the more dramatic picture, more criminal and terrorist acts claim more remembered me from the book of Vladimir Bartol: Alamut. In the play, Bartol has a historical fact that has inspired games like Assassin’s Creed. In the lost fortress of Alamut caliph hides a self-trained armies of men and elite prepared to infiltrate the ranks of countries and enemy states, to become agents of confidence. Once inside, attack carefully and selectively, causing damage to concrete and unexpected points , maximizing destruction (strategically speaking). It is the story of the Nizari, or Hashshashin murderers. To convince them to do whatever they had to do, to death, the cult leader, Hassan-i Sabbah, convinces his warriors with drogas and promise to go straight to heaven after completing their bloody task. Are you the story sounds?

Talk of Captagon

Now back to today. According to some alarming reports, time that the production of amphetamines in Syria has increased ago. But he has also made consumption. Recently a name began to appear above others: Captagon. What this drug? Actually, Ccaptagon is the trade name of fenetylline, which was first synthesized in 1961. Amphetamine This compound was used for twenty years as an alternative to amphetamines own in the treatment of various disorders being softer. For example, it was used when treating people with hyperactivity disorders or for the treatment of narcolepsy. However, the production of Captagon (and other trademarks) was completed in 1981 due to its inclusion by WHO in the list of illegal psychotropic substance.

This compound was used for twenty years as an alternative in the treatment of various disorders And what does? As amphetamines, Captagon can increase concentration and performance, eliminating the feeling of tiredness, hunger and other discomforts. If to this we add other components, the drug can produce effects of euphoria and disinhibition powerful . In fact, they found Captagon capsules containing many other substitutes and psychotropic substances whose purpose is precisely this. A similar version is the familiar Speed ​​, which is consumed snorted powder. And if you have not yet become clear, this drug, Captagon, is being massively produced, according to several sources in Syria. Where it is consumed and is particularly associated with jihadists.

The psychotropic herald

You may not have been clear enough yet. But Captagon is part of this war, those Kalashnikovs or explosives. According to Syrian authorities, this drug is so present in the streets that no militant who can not access it at the time and before any action. To show only some figures in Lebanon, according to Reuters, in one month more than 200 million Captagon are seized. From here, the drug travels to all the “friends” of jihad, holy war that the alleged conduct various entities such as DAESH.

Amphetamines break the fear and become a brave soldier drugs, as in the book of Bartol, have always played an essential role in the life of the warrior; in the war itself. Drugs like amphetamine Captagon and break the fear and become a brave soldier . In addition, it becomes more concentrated and prone to taking orders. But they can not be with strong hallucinogenic drugs that distract. Instead, they are used amphetamine derivatives for their ability to reduce the physiological needs, increase physical abilities and concentrate. And besides, so they are cheaper to synthesize, of course.

Another key factor in the drug war is economic. Although all governments want to avoid having this ball in his field, the truth is that the drug, its low cost and high price as well as their properties, is a product with great benefits . So it is employed by criminal organizations (and sometimes relate to the governmental apparatus of countries in conflict) to generate money to feed the war economy. Roughly speaking, of course. It seems, according to sources obtained by Reuters, that in recent years the production of Captagon has been dancing between Syria and Turkey, but always with the same figures involved. In any case, it is clear that it Captagon or any other drug, these substances always be a protagonist in armed conflicts.


How it works Captagon, a dangerous drug consuming jihadists
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November 20, 2015

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