How to control Spotify and other players in the Galaxy Note 10 (and other Galaxy) from the PC

a few months Ago Microsoft update’ the app My teléfono to be able to control it from the PC all the audio that comes out from our m’vile. That is to say, that we can control Spotify, VLC and other media players from a widget special that we have in this great app from Microsoft on your PC with Windows 10.

This ability we will allow to be able to control the playback’n of the m&number;music on Spotify, and other players.  while we listen to our favourite tunes on the headphones of the m’vile. That is to say, that or we will need to turn on the display of the m’vil for control and así let us continue studying or working.

C’mo to activate the control of reproduction’n audio and m&number;sica in the Galaxy Note and other Galaxy from the PC

we can use this feature’n need of these requirements:

If we have done all the steps of the vídeo we have already linked the PC with our m’vile. Now we have to do the following and it has to do with notifications:

  • go to the app Your teléfono on Windows
  • On Setting we have to enable the notifications: «Show in the application’n Tu teléfono» and Show banner notification’n»


  • we Now solicitá let’s from our m’vile the app Compa&bath;ero tu teléphone so that you can read the same

Activate app

  • Activate this app, and will already have configured the notification’n that we are interested in and that is none other than the widget of m&number;sica

Now we can control Spotify on the m’vile from the PC with Windows 10 with all the comfort of the world and así to enjoy that great vílink between the teléphones Samsung and PCs with the Microsoft operating system; that allows things like transfer ipso facto files between the two devices.


How to control Spotify and other players in the Galaxy Note 10 (and other Galaxy) from the PC
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July 19, 2020

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