How to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 without losing the guarantee of Knox

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One of the drawbacks of making root on some Samsung devices is the loss of some features like Knox. We’ve seen in some top-end phones and the S6 has been repeated the situation. If we get superuser, Knox warranty void . Fortunately, there are ways to make root and not lose anything on the way.

Keen Team , a team of Android home development located in China, has launched a method to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 untouched everything about Knox. Simple, effective and perfect for those who want to enjoy these permissions but do not want complicated by a complicated process. His name is Ping Pong Root and all we need is to download an application .

As simple as installing an application

The name of Ping Pong is the exploit that uses Keen Team to root. The decision in question affects the ping socket and hence the pun with table tennis . Before getting to it, we must review the model Samsung Galaxy S6 and the software version to see if your phone is compatible or not. The list in this thread have XDA .

not having to use Odin to flash a custom recovery, the guarantee remains unchanged. Yes, if once rooted do you use tools like Flashify to set you TWRP For example, you obviously will miss but if what we want is no more root , we will not have this problem.

The installation is as simple as downloading the apk, install and run. It needless more steps with this and we can start using applications and user services such permits. That done, we can install SuperSU instead of this system, but in this case we have to do it through adb and perform a command on the terminal.

It is a bit more complex but you are not required to enjoy all permissions. Remember that when you have root access to a lot of handy exclusive apps : Titanium Backup Tasker Flashify … Remember that once we leave this type accede to functions that can compromise the operation of the terminal so Use it carefully

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How to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 without losing the guarantee of Knox
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May 9, 2015

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