How to see open tabs in Chrome for Android on the PC, and vice versa

How to see open tabs in Chrome for Android on the PC, and vice versa

Each time we have more devices and changed frequently from one to the other according to us it is more convenient. For example, you start searching for hotels for your summer vacation in the tablet, then mobile, and a little later in the PC. Sometimes you are interested in viewing a web page on the big screen (or perhaps because it uses Flash), and that’s why we will see how to continue a browsing session of Chrome on your PC, and vice versa.

attempts to make the change from mobile to PC and from PC to mobile are many and very varied, with special mentions such as PushBullet, AirDroidseveral initiatives of Microsoft or even Telegram, but if you’re using Chrome you don’t need any additional application.

As you surely have, of course, all this is based on the history that Google jealously guards all that we visited both in the mobile as on the PC. Therefore, you need to be logged in with your Google account on both the PC and the mobile phone. In the latter, you must also have activated the synchronization.

See on the PC the open tabs on your mobile

If you’ve visited a web page on your Android mobile with Google Chrome and you want to visit on your PC, you do not need to send the link to yourself for WhatsApp, Telegram or substitutes. You have accessible to open tabs in other devices (like your mobile) in the section History. A quick way to directly access it is to open the address chrome://history/syncedTabs in the browser.


There it displays the tabs that you have open on your mobile at that time, as well as the last time they were synced open tabs. Tapping on the menu with the three dots you have the option of opening them all at once, although you can also tap on a specific to open only that one.

See Android-open tabs on the PC

On Android it is possible to make the reverse journey, although in this case, is not within History. Instead you must open the options menu in Chrome and select Tabs recent. Then you need to find the name of your PC, to view the list of open tabs.


It’s a little trick too known that you can help on more than one occasion. Remember, however, that shows only the current pages open on each tab. To view web pages you’ve visited previously, you must go to the History. The bad thing is that there are mixed pages from all of your devices, without distinction.

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How to see open tabs in Chrome for Android on the PC, and vice versa
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November 28, 2018

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